… so you know it’s time for a clothing swap!! Yep, for the fifth (!) year in a row, I am hosting a clothing swap party; rounding up a group of fun, stylish ladies for a night of fashion, wine and gossip. I’m sure by now almost everyone has heard about clothing swaps and knows the basic principles. I like to keep things simple and fun, because I don’t think that being strict about rules at events like these make for an enjoyable evening. People bring in what they can, and take what they like; this means that some years, one might end up with only a few pieces, and other years with a bag full of clothes. The more important things is to purge one’s closet of clothes that constitute “dead weight” (be it wrong size, wrong style, wrong colour), and to bring in new pieces that one loves and can revitalize one’s existing wardrobe.

This year, more than ever before, I had a really hard time picking clothes to swap. Some things were easy to pick out, others much less so. Eight months post baby, I am slowly coming to accept that the body I have now is, in all likelihhood, the body I am going to have from now on. Some things about it are familiar, some not so much. I am lucky in that most of my old clothes fit; but a few of my old favourites, sadly, do not. I have always been a strong proponent of the concept of dressing for the body you have “now” (at any given time), rather than the body you might once have had, or the one you might hope to have one day. But it has been hard, I must admit, to follow that precept recently. In some cases, we are talking about pieces for which I spent months searching, just to find the perfect fit; now, when that piece no longer fits, it’s a little heartbreaking. For a long time, I kept hoping things might still change, allowing me to hold on to my old faithfuls. I am slowly starting to get better at letting go, especially as I have surprised myself in really enjoying a more minimalist wardrobe over the past few months, and hope to streamline my “working mom” closet in the future along similar lines.
I was going to post my swap pile again this year, but ultimately decided against it. It has grown to such proportions that listing individual items would be a far too time-consuming and mind-numbing exercise, not to mention that it might intimidate some of my guests (especially the first-timers). Truthfully, my swap mountain (let’s call a spade by its actual name) is the last (hopefully!) remnant of years of too-indiscriminate shopping. Having made some progress in the last while in developing and refining my style, as well as cutting down on my “boredom shopping”, I don’t expect this kind of volume in the future. And that is another reason why I am so excited by this year’s party, and have been hard at work making it a true extravaganza. Stay tuned next week for a review of the madness!
And keep an eye out this Wednesday for another post in the “Things we love” series.

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