[This installment of the “Things we love” series is written by Cat, who shares her abiding affection for a very particular kind of shoe.]

It all started with a pair of blue shoes.

A passing flirtation with funky shoe designer John Fluevog began many years ago, when an article on his “unique soles for unique souls” appeared in the style section of the Vancouver Sun.  Alas, John was seeing other people and I was still chasing shoes that were just all wrong for me. In the spring of 2009, however, this passing fancy blossomed into one of the epic love stories of our time – MY time, at least. Walking down Granville Street one fateful day, I spied my very first pair of Fluevogs in the store window: the legendary Operetta Malibrans. Named for a celebrated 19th Century opera singer famed for her “extraordinary flexibility, range and power”, these shoes embody all of those characteristics and more. The $265 price tag made me think twice  – after all, what does one pair with a pair of turquoise Mary Janes? The answer: everything. You see, the beauty of Fluevog shoes is that they go with almost everything, because they don’t really go with anything specific at all. Observe:

Next came the Calamitys, the best namesake Ms. Calamity Jane could have asked for and something I’m guessing she would have liked to nestle her own feet into. What better way to welcome myself to Alberta than with a rockin’ pair of olive green cowboy boots? A little bit country, a little bit freakin’ awesome.
A trip to Montreal introduced me to Ms. Pearl Hart, a troublesome Ontario teen who left home in 1899 and ultimately became Arizona’s first stagecoach robber – I know she stole my heart! With soft lavender leather, built-in arch supports, and those gorgeous crossover straps, how could she not? Arguably the perfect shoe, the Pearl Hearts are classy, comfy, and versatile, perfect for carrying me from the office, to dinner with friends or a date at a sexy little wine bar – and all while sprinting from doorway to doorway to escape the Vancouver rain. And the best part? The roomy molds used to make these little winners and the Malibrans mean that my normally-size 9 flippers fit cozily into a dainty size 8.
But the best is yet to come, and like all good things, it sure was worth waiting for. Ladies (and gentlemen?) please allow me to introduce to you the one, the only, the indomitable, Madam Mattie Silks.
The most successful “businesswoman” that Denver has ever known, even Mattie herself would have had to scrimp a little to afford these puppies; originally priced at a cool $495, they were beyond this working girl’s reach for nearly two years. However, once a year John remembers that he loves me and wants me to be happy, and I was able to scoop the last pair in the country for the easier-to-swallow sale price of $345. I think this is one investment that will pay dividends: since bringing Mattie home I have managed to put several old outfits back into rotation that had been relegated to the back of my closet for lack of comfortable footwear to pair them with.

Something tells me I’ve finally found “the one.

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