Don’t forget: the BCRL 2-year anniversary giveaway is taking place on May 11. Just two weeks to go! Have you signed up as a follower? It’s really simple, and it’s all it takes to be entered to win the super duper awesome extravaganza of goodies personally chosen by yours truly. Want a hint as to what you might win? Just a hint, mind you.
OK, now go, run and sign up!

3 Comments on Anniversary giveaway – a reminder

  1. @ Geetabix: Haha! It’s just a feather. Actually, a quill pen souvenir from my Tower of London tour, to be precise 🙂 Not, I should mention, included in the giveaway. But I just finished picking up everything, and it’s going to be AWESOME!!

    @ BluMochi: you should!! I kept mine super simple, because I didn’t want to have to figure out how to use Rafflecopter or whatnot. I may not get as much “mileage” out of it, but I want it to be a special treat for my long-time readers 🙂