I don’t think so! Springtime always means flowers for this gal. But you already knew that. Yes, my most recent (and so far only) purchase for the season was a very floral Talbots camisole from Vespucci. It’s funny … as much as I loved the Kors top (and I really did), there really was no contest; that floral pattern was so me, it might as well have been hanging in my closet all along. I really love that I have managed to get my wardrobe to a point where picking a new piece is a no brainer, because there is a well-defined style for it to fit. After years of feeling like I was all over the map, style-wise, this is a nice – and relaxing – change. No more frantic searches for matching pieces, no more early morning marathon dressing-and-changing-and-repeat sessions. My closet is a well-oiled machine. Ok, maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point.

Of course, I would never make such bold claims without backup. The proof is in the pudding … or, rather, the outfits. Three outfits coming atcha!

First, something pretty “safe”. I love – and bought – this kind of camisole for work outfits. Paired with solid colour separates, you could say it’s a kind of uniform for me. Day to day, I’m probably even less stylish than you would think; more sort of style-adjacent. At least I am consistent, right? This is a very “Adina at the office” outfit.

If I am feeling a bit more adventurous on any given day, I like to play with colour. It’s a bit hard to tell from this pic, but my Joe Fresh suit is a muted emerald green.
One thing I also love about these kinds of blousier camisole tops is, well, the camouflage factor. My much-beloved iT cropped jeans are snugger than usual these days, creating a rather unfortunate (mini!) muffin top situation. I haven’t worn them as much for that reason, but I am not quite ready to let them go. This is my compromise.
Congrats to everyone who previously guessed correctly as to which top I bought on my shopping trip to Vespucci. It means you’ve all been reading this blog for way too long (to know my predilections way too well) … and I love you all for it!

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