I ended up buying a few things in April, all of which I really love. Unfortunately, not one of them was on my original shopping list. Sigh! But hey, there is still May and June, right? And the budget, you ask? Welllllll … let’s leave that till the end of June too, eh.
My biggest problem was my upcoming vacation to Vancouver. This will be our first vacation since September 2010, and of course the first one a trois. Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! Vancouver is like a second home to both my husband and me, but the logistics of navigating it with a 10 month old are making us a little bit queasy. Wusses, right? Anyway, all I have been able to think about – every time I walk into a store – is this trip, and how cute x, y and z pieces would look strolling through Kits and lunching on Granville Island. Being in total denial about having to go back to work in – eeek! – 8 or so weeks hasn’t helped to re-focus my attention. So, what did I buy?
First up, a very spring-y pair of cropped pants from Joe ($24). How happy is this green?
Seriously, can’t you just see me on the beach in these (minus the high heels, natch)?
Next, a couple of office-appropriate pieces I found at Value Village – sadly, neither of them pants or dress. Still, I loved the print of this Ann Taylor Loft top ($7.99), and it’s a nice style that can be worn with or without a cover-up, always a bonus when you work in an east-facing office with massive windows (not that I’m complaining). In other words, a wardrobe staple.
I also loved the cut of this Zara skirt ($8.99); it’s flattering, black and a decent price … what else can I say?
Next, a pair of Jules + James kitten heel shoes ($16) I found at consignment. They look brand new, and I couldn’t resist the soft blue colour, polka dots and the little bow detail. These might as well be flats – so comfy!
Last but not least, I fell in love with the print of this dress on first sight. I just had to have it! There was no label on the dress, but for $20, who cares? It’s a rayon blend that is super soft and comfortable, and as a bonus, does not wrinkle. It is a perfect dress for travel … and, of course, it will be going with me to Vancouver! It also looks great with my new heels.
The total damage so far: $76 (plus GST). Remaining budget: $44. Yikes!

Stay tuned next month to see if I find my way back to my shopping list before my budget blows up entirely.

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  1. Love the cheery green pants from Joe! Good luck with your shopping next month – I can’t wait to see the rest of your finds.