The last of my Chanel polishes – for now! – was a very special present from a lovely friend across the Pond. She bought it for me as a surprise, thinking I might like it. Well, duh! Of course I do! It’s another gorgeous Chanel red, so how could I not? I have no idea what season Red Dream came out, but I think it’s an oldie. It’s a beautiful, vampy-esque red jam-packed with the famous Chanel shimmer.
I had a hard time capturing the shimmer on camera, so my photos don’t begin to do it justice. Here is a feeble attempt, using flash. Red Dream really comes alive – and on fire – in the sun, but sadly, sun is in short supply whenever my manis demand it.

Application was good; two medium coats have you covered. There might be the ghost of a VNL, if you look really hard, but nothing that detracts from the beauty of Red Dream.

For my inspired outfit, I was drawn to my Tristan cropped jacket because of its subtle sparkle. On first look, for all intents and purposes, the jacket is anything but flashy; but look closer, and there is actually a lot more going on. Kinda like Red Dream, no?
This is a pretty simple outfit, but I am just happy to discover more ways that I can wear pleats … and make the most of my clothing swap haul. I thought about going with a more neutral shoe option, but couldn’t resist the lure of red patent in the end.
Cropped jackets can be difficult to wear, proportions-wise, but they are perfect with any high waisted separates. It creates a lovely silhouette, without breaking up or distorting the lines of the body. The important thing is for the hem of the jacket to hit at or slightly above the waist, so the curves are not lost in the equation.
Happy Friday!

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