By now, you may have noticed a few new things here at BCRL. Look up – notice those new tabs? Check them out; thanks to my awesome and multi-talented husband, they are now functional. My contact info, and the various ways you can connect with me, is available, of course, in the Contact tab. So, if you have a style dilemma, shopping tip, want to inquire about personal styling, or have any other questions, you know how to get a hold of me. The section on personal styling includes all my past style sessions previously featured on the blog (and hopefully new ones, too!); all in one place, for your ease of perusal and, hopefully, inspiration. The Nails tab will take you to a new sister website – Blue Collar, Red Nail Polish – which will showcase (what else?) more of my (non-Chanel) manicures, for those of you who share my polish obsession or like to look at pretty colours. That page will likely be updated a few times a week, if not daily – I am very excited to share more of my collection with you. Information on my anniversary giveaway, coming in May, will be found and updated under the, well, Giveaways tab. 

I am still working on  re-vamp of the overall design of the blog, so you will see more changes coming soon. I hope you will give these new tabs a whirl in the coming weeks, and enjoy the additional content. 

Otherwise, it will be business as usual here. You will find all my regular posts here on the home page; look for new post coming at you tomorrow. As always, I love to hear from you, so keep those comments coming, and let me know what you think about our new look!

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