[This installment in the “Things we love” series is written by Robyn, who found her style mate – as so many of us do – at Winners.]

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: when it comes to clothes, always buy quality over quantity. If you’ve ever read a fashion magazine, you have probably come across this. Chances are, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or ever gone shopping with Adina, you’ve also heard it a few times. Sometimes, following this simple concept can be tough, especially if it’s not something you’ve tried before. But I can tell you from experience now, it does pay off.

On one of my successful styling sessions/shopping trips with Adina, we decided that we should look for a versatile structured blazer, which was missing from my wardrobe. After a few stops, we found one that seemed to fit the bill at Winners. However, since the brand was Teen Flo, the price tag was a little more than I would usually like to spend. Nonetheless, Adina convinced me to try it on and pointed out all the reasons why it was an excellent choice (fit, proportions, cut, etc.). I was still reluctant and did not buy it. Adina suggested that I check back in a few weeks to see if it was on sale.

Well, a few weeks later, after continuing my hunt for a blazer elsewhere with little success, I did return to Winners; my blazer was still there, but sadly still not on sale. So I ended up buying it at full price. The countless other blazers I had tried in the meantime convinced me that sometimes quality really is worth paying for. By the time I went back to the Teen Flo blazer, I had absolutely no reservations that it was the right choice.

And it was. I wear this blazer at least once a week, for all sorts of occasions. I wear it to work with dress shirts and pants, with dresses, and with jeans on casual Friday. I wear it on the weekends as a casual jacket. I wear it with scarves; I wear it with slouchy t-shirts; I wear it with lacy camisoles. You may recall that I even wore it as part of my “Lumberjack Formal” outfit for the Art Gallery of Alberta Refinery Party. I like to think that it’s more than earned its price tag already, and it’s not even a year old yet.

Here are a few new outfit ideas that Adina and I put together at our last styling session; but really, the choices are practically infinite – it goes with everything!

Skirts …

Dresses …
Jeans …

So the lesson learned: invest in your style, it’s worth it!

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  1. I bought a teenflo blazer at winners too a while ago and it proved to be a great piece, very versatile