As part of last fall’s Fashion’s Night Out, Chanel released a trio of then-limited edition polishes names Les Jeans. These made quite the splash, not least because, well, they are blue. Chanel doesn’t do blue very often. To be honest, jeans are not the first thing I associate with Chanel, but who am I to question Chanel beauty guru Peter Phillips? To the chagrin of many, Les Jeans were not widely released last year, and quickly sold out; lucky for us that Chanel decided to re-release them this year at all their department store counters – no more eBay hunting! 
First up, we have Blue Boy. You might say this is a medium-wash denim or, otherwise, a dusty cornflower blue. 

The name actually reminds me (as intended?) of Boy Capel, one of Coco Chanel’s paramours and, some say, the love of her life. He helped to finance her first forays into the fashion world and was apparently supportive of her personal ambitions, which could be said to have been quite progressive for the times; on the other hand, he married someone else (though the affair with Coco continued), which makes the whole thing much less idyllic. [If you are interested in a cinematic version of the story, check out Coco Avant Chanel, which stars the always-fetching Audrey Tatou as the titular Coco and Alessandro Nivola as Boy Capel. Be warned that the movie ends with – SPOILER – Boy’s fatal car accident, and does not detail Chanel’s subsequent legendary career; hence, the movie title which, if my high school French doesn’t fail me, is “Coco before Chanel”.]

Application was good but not great. Although it is a creme, Blue Boy does not have the usual, one-coater formula of Chanel cremes. It is actually quite watery on the first coat, which had me worried. However, two coats are sufficient for full opacity, as long as you’re careful with the application – going over the same spot twice seemed to create bald spots for me.

For my inspired outfit, I present a sneak peek at one of my recent Vancouver purchases. This Zara dress won me over with its whimsical bird print, and a cute Peter Pan-ish collar. I have been trying to find a blouse with this type of collar for ages, and this is the closest I’ve come so far. 
I have to admit that this was a bit of an impulse buy; I had spent a frustrating two days running around downtown Vancouver in search of thrifting and consignment finds (more on that story later), with no success, so I was primed to buy something – anything! – that caught my eye. The dress wasn’t a bargain ($68 after you count in the darn PST), and it has a few problems. It’s a tad bit short, especially for work, so it really calls for tights. It’s also polyester, which might be OK in humid Vancouver, but can be a ticket to Staticville here in Alberta. Still, it is ever so cute. 
Finished off the look – appropriately enough – with earrings I bought years ago at a now (sadly) defunct boutique on West 4th in Vancouver, Lulu Love. They always struck me as rather Chanel-esque. What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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