Released alongside Frisson in the Roses Ultimes de Chanel spring collection, Tentation was a bit of an impulse buy for me. To be perfectly honest, it’s not a very “me” colour. A stunning, in-your-face fuchsia, it’s a bit too bright, too bold, and too pink for my everyday manicure. It’s the sort of colour I would be more likely to wear on my toes … which is my usual cue to walk away from the Chanel counter. This time, however, I caved in to temptation (pun intended), and got Tentation.

You can see the fuchsia shimmer come out in direct light (flash):

Application was super easy; the formula is a bit jelly-like, but it gives full coverage in one coat. That’s all I’m wearing in the pics above, no top coat. While I love the formula, this is one colour I’m not sure is “me”, so i will have to decide whether to keep it or swap it. Thoughts?

For my inspired outfit, I had to think long and hard about finding just the right pieces to pair with such a statement polish. In the end, I picked an old piece that recently underwent a major alteration and, hopefully, will now get a new lease on life. It all started in Paris; on one of my first shopping trips to H&M – long before it became a household name on this side of the Atlantic – I fell in love with a beautiful silk dress. It was yellow (definitely not my colour) and had a halter neckline (definitely not my style), but I adored its gorgeous floral pattern. At the time, I was about two sizes smaller than I am now – in fact, smaller than I was ever before or have been since. The dress fit me comfortably for about 6 months … and has been sitting in the back of my closet ever since. This year, I finally gave up the hope that I was going to wear it again; but I couldn’t give it up entirely. It was that print that I just couldn’t let go. So, I asked my grandmother to turn it into a skirt. I think it turned out great!

I love how the bright colours of the skirt match up with the almost neon-brightness of Tentation.

Happy Friday!

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