Month: May 2012

Giveaway time!!!

It’s here!!!!!!!!!!! 
BCRL is two years old today – and one of its readers will have an extra reason to celebrate tonight, when I will be announcing the name of the winner of the anniversary giveaway. You still have a last chance to sign up as a follower, in order to be eligible for the draw, until 3 p.m. MST. It’s not too late! And here is what one lucky reader will be winning:
 Kaia Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths (2); Chanel Vernis in Dragon; Love&Toast Clementine Body Butter; TokyoMilk Mix ‘n Match Eau de Parfum set (Sun Kissed); Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey;
Beauty Fixation Polish Remover pre-filled portable swabs

Just a quick note and a few rules (ugh, but necessary): I will be leaving for a 6-day vacation tomorrow morning, and will not be able to ship out the prize to the winner until I return. The winner will have until Monday, May 14 to contact me to accept the prize, and send me their shipping address and other deets. In the event the person does not contact me by that deadline, I will re-draw a name and announce a new winner on May 18. If you are a follower, and are interested in the prize, please, please, please check the blog this weekend so you don’t miss out!

Thank you for your continued support … and good luck!!!

Leaving on a jet plane

Traveling with a baby requires many things – a sense of adventure, humour, patience, and a lot of luggage. It’s hard to believe such a little being would require so much stuff, but there it is. So, by necessity, your own traveling accoutrements have to be whittled down to the bare minimum. Hard to do when you’re a born over-packer like me.
See, I like to be prepared. For every possible contingency, and then some. And, on top of that, I like to have options. I mean, how I can predict today what I’m going to feel like wearing a week from now? In a different city, no less. Best to have a few things to choose from, no? Well, with one thing and the other, I have often packed half my closet for a week’s vacation before. Now, that is simply not possible … nor is it really practical. Gone are the days when I would have the time to ponder between multiple outfits, tweaking each one just so. Grab ‘n go is my new motto – and pray that everything matches. So, to sum up, my vacation wardrobe has to be small, versatile, comfortable (for those long days of sight-seeing), and child-friendly (aka machine-washable).
The hard work I have put into adopting a more minimalist approach has paid off, again. I am proud to say that for my 6-day trip to Vancouver next week, I have managed to put together my shortest – but not on style! – packing list ever. Less than 20 pieces in total, shoes included! Here’s the breakdown:
Dak-wash skinny jeans
Green chinos
Leopard-print dress
Floral tunic dress/top
Black skirt
Striped print top
Striped knit top
Colourful tank top
Simple black tank top
Print tank top
Orange cardigan
Black cardigan
Tan trench coat
Tortoiseshell flats
Blue kitten heels
Brown leather boots
Rubber wellies

Here is a look at a few of the outfits I could put together with these pieces:

Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch; tank, Juicy Couture; cardigan, Razzmatazz;
flats, Taryn Rose; bag, Mulberry
Tunic, Zara; tank, Tristan; cardigan, Banana Republic;
leggings, CK; boots, Winners

top, Joe Fresh; pants, Joe Fresh; shoes, Jules + James;
necklace, Banana Republic
Dress, unknown; boots, Winners; bag, Mulberry
Skirt, Zara; top, Gilmour; cardigan, Banana Republic; 
leggings, CK; wellies, Winners
Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch; top, Anthropologie; shoes, Jules + James;
necklace, Banana Republic
Skirt, Zara; tank, Juicy Couture; trench, Gap; flats, Taryn Rose;
necklace, Banana Republic
You might wonder why I doubled up on the stripes with two similar tops, and the answer is simple. Weather. One is a lightweight cotton top I can wear on warm days with either of the two pairs of pants, or the skirt. The other is a heavier knit material, perfect for colder/rainier days, which also works with the same pieces without the need for an additional layer. 
All in all, I think this is a great travel-capsule wardrobe, which will hopefully take me through any of the contingencies that Vancouver – and my rambunctious son – might throw my way.

Now, the only thing left to decide is … what nail polish to wear. Suggestions?

Manicure of the week: St. Tropez

Last week, I promised you a Chanel manicure for today, but I am going to have to make a slight detour. But, hey, it’s Dior so we’re practically talking about cousins here!

As a collector – and fan of blue nail polish – I am still sad that I missed out on previous Chanel “it” colours like Nouvelle Vague and Riva, but – c’est la vie! Philosophical resignation aside, I was super thrilled to at least get a second chance at a Dior “it” colour that was also a limited (and sold out) edition last summer: St. Tropez. Similar to Nouvelle Vague, this one is a gorgeous, saturated colour in the Tiffany blue family. A perfect summer polish! Isn’t it to die for?

Application was super smooth and easy; the Dior formula goes on like buttah. Two coats, and you’re done! St. Tropez was available at Holt Renfrew, as of a couple of weeks ago, but this is one polish you should grab quickly – it will probably sell out fast.
I really wanted to make the most of that beautiful aqua colour, so I decided to make it pop by pairing it with a contrasting colour in my outfit. Purple-aqua combinations are a stand-out for me. I took a further risk by mixing my prints. The black waistband on the skirt breaks up the patterns so they don’t fight too much, and the black jacket anchors the outfit.

Happy Friday!