From this summer’s trio of polishes, Delight is a metallic rose-gold polish that is, true to its name, quite delightful. While not my favourite from the Summertime de Chanel collection (that would have to be Holiday), this is one metallic polish that works fine with my complexion – and a gold one at that. I usually can’t pull off gold polish; while I think that, in the future, Delight might serve me better as a pedicure polish, I can actually wear it on my nails too.
Application was good; I almost had complete coverage at one coat, but did two mostly out of habit. Removal was a bit tougher, but nowhere near as difficult as, say, a glitter. The finish was not glass-smooth, but that is probably a function of the fact this is a metallic polish.
I did a quick side-by-side comparison with Quartz, and you can see that Delight is much warmer-toned and metallic/shiny.
With summer finally on our horizon, I’ve been wanting to pull out my leather jacket from the back of the closet. The warm beige colour works well with Delight’s undertones, so it’s a great match. While the jacket is infinitely versatile – works with everything from pants to skirts and dresses – I decided to give you guys a break from skirts this week. Jeans it is!

Happy Friday!

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