OK, you guys – get ready for a total gushing rave-fest. I love Holiday. No, make that LOVE! First of all, the name; for some reason, my mind goes straight to Breakfast at Tiffany and its unforgettable protagonist, whose full name is actually Holiday Golightly. I adore Breakfast at Tiffany – the book AND the movie (though it’s like comparing apples and oranges) – so this is a total bonus. I’ll get to the other reasons why I love Chanel’s Holiday, but first let me show you what I’m talking about. Part of the current Summertime de Chanel collection, Holiday is a bright – BRIGHT – reddish orange. 
Holiday constitutes the sum total of orange polishes in my stash; orange just doesn’t agree with my skin tone, and as a redhead, I tend to avoid it (even though I love the colour). I bought Holiday because I had heard that it leans towards red quite a bit, and was hopeful that it would prove more wearable. I ended up loving it, even though I think that, on me, it looks tangerine-orange most of the time. If I stare at it for a looooong time, I occasionally start to hallucinate that it looks more tomato-red, but really, it doesn’t. Which is OK. It’s totally awesome anyway.
The application is a DREAM. No, really. Chanel makes polishes with a-MAH-zing formula (particularly cremes) all the time, but they may have topped themselves with Holiday. In all of the photos here, I am wearing one coat. That’s it. No top coat, nothing. Holiday applies like the very best Chanel creme, but it actually looks and feels more like a jelly. On the nail, it has that squishy, candy-like look of a jelly polish, but the opacity of a creme, plus incredible shine. And it dries super fast too. I am not a pro when it comes to applying polish, by any means, but Holiday is dummy-proof.
With the gushiness out of the way, let’s get to the outfit, shall we? I love this polish so much, it was hard to pick an outfit I felt could do it justice. I think I could happily wear Holiday with almost any outfit. But since it’s one of my new favourite polishes, I decided to pair it with two of my favourite things – florals and polka dots. Incidentally, the Tommy Hilfiger blouse I picked has a pattern of one of my favourite flowers: hydrangeas.

This theme also worked out wonderfully colour-wise, since orange and navy are a wonderful combo. I also like how these pieces balance each other, proportion-wise. The jacket has a button detail under the bust, which draws the eye up and balances out the lower waist on this skirt, while the slim lines of the jacket balance out the fullness of the skirt. I was initially going to wear nude pumps with this, but ended up picking these light blue slingbacks as an added colour accent.

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  1. Now that is lovely, looks amazing on you. The formula is so great I can’t get over it. I know some formulas have been a bit hit and miss of late, so over the moon to see we are back to hitting aces. Well done Chanel!

    I *may* have just bought Attraction as well….. *cough*