Lilac Sky is such a pretty name, dontcha think? Evocative, too, in spring time when the lilacs are in full bloom and the air is heavy with their lovely scent. Anyway, back to the polish. Lilac Sky is an older Chanel which may be among the recently-discontinued (or so the rumblings go), but you can still find it at most counters for the time being. Despite the name, on me, it leans very pink – looking more like a cool-toned pink, than a warm-toned purple.
Here it is, back lit, to show a bit more of that pink tone. I would note that the first picture is more accurate in depicting the intensity of Lilac Sky; it’s not a pastel, by any stretch.
In the sunlight, you can really see its shimmer peek out. Subtle, but definitely not invisible.
Application was good; unlike many of the Chanel pinks, Lilac Sky is not super sheer, and two coats achieve full opacity. In the photos above, I am not wearing a top coat, but I found that I did want to add one afterwards to get the extra glossy finish I like. All in all, while extremely pretty, I am not convinced that Lilac Sky is the colour for me; I had initially bought it for a swap that never happened, and I may have to end up putting back into the swap pile.

In the meantime, I was inspired by it to put together what I call my “pretty ballerina” look.
I accessorized the bows on my Prada wedges with the headband I found in Vancouver – also very handy for trying to tame my increasingly unmanageable mop. I don’t normally wear headbands because I find that they press uncomfortably on the sides of the head (hello, instant headache!), but I love how they look with short hair. Michelle Williams – who always rocks a pixie way harder than I seem to manage – somehow makes them look adorable even on the red carpet. I really must make an effort to wear this one more often … and just make sure I keep a stock of Advil handy.
Happy Friday!

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