After a whirlwind couple of months – seriously, did July even happen? – it was decision time at BCLR: to blog or not to blog? To be honest, my initial plan was to bring the curtain down. Over the last couple of years, BCRL has been an amazing medium for me to experiment with my style, exercise my creative muscles, and meet some incredible people. Unavoidably, I have changed in the process. I like to think that I have evolved – style-wise, writing-wise … everything-wise, really. At the same time, the blog hasn’t changed. Not in any fundamental way. For a long time, I felt constrained to stay true to the original premise: translating high fashion into everyday style for the real world. After all, that’s what all you, my readers, had signed up for. But it became too much of a straitjacket. It became routine. Dull, even.
There are many – MANY! – other style blogs out there, and the talent pool is not quite as shallow as Get Off My Internets might have you believe. [A laugh-out-loud must-read, by the way.] I feel like I’ve said as much as I have to say on the topic, whilst still feeling (somewhat) original. And it’s all there in the archives. The time felt right to say good-bye … for good.
And yet …
I still love to write. Since childhood, it has been my one true, abiding passion. I like a lot of other things too. Books. History. Personal finance. Pop culture. Psychology. Weird trivia. And I like writing about these things. I have opinions. Lots of them. And I am finally learning – at the ripe old age of 32 – that making them known isn’t impolite. Or, perhaps, that politeness has its limitations.
Initially, the new plan was to channel my passion for writing into freelance work. However, though I’ve enjoyed immensely the opportunities I’ve had so far, there are still many things I want to say that might not necessarily fit someone else’s platform; having a space of my own to write them started to look more and more appealing. Which brings me back to BCRL: to blog or not to blog?
It’s not without some trepidation that I am happy to announce the answer: blog! But, henceforth, BCRL will not be business as usual. I will no longer be writing exclusively about style, nor will there be a unified theme to the blog. I was inclined to go with the catch-all label of “lifestyle blog”, but realized that I didn’t really know how to define that and found it kind of pretentious anyway. It’s not my lifestyle that I want to share with you all, but rather my thoughts and ideas on … well, life and its entertaining minutiae. And I hope that you will do the same.
It’s still a bit early to tell what kind of schedule will work best for BCRL in its new incarnation, but I am hoping to publish at least two new posts a week and/or some sort of weekly round-up of interesting news, articles, and other tidbits from around the web. There may, of course, be an occasional “what I wore” post, because old habits die hard. And I hope that getting your (bi-)weekly dose of BCRL will be a habit you won’t be kicking either.
See you around!

4 Comments on New beginnings

  1. I’m so glad you’ve decided to blog! I recently discovered your blog, and I fell in love! You’ve provided me with lots of channels of shopping which I haven’t even dreamt of before.. and knowing that a fellow Edmontonian can do it on a budget and still looking stylish has given me new hope.

    Looking forward to reading your future blog!

  2. @rbj: Thanks Robyn, it feels good to be back!!

    @paulie: Yay! I hope you will still find lots of interesting things to read here … and if you ever have any shopping-related questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me!