In honour of Fashion’s Night Out – taking place today in New York – I made an extra effort with my outfit of the day, even though it’s just another Thursday at the office around here (and close enough to casual Friday to justify a more relaxed standard).

For the new fashion year (which starts in September, natch), one of my resolutions is to finally experiment with hosiery and, in particular, patterned tights. Hold on to your hats, BCRL is getting adventurous! Or not – but definitely stepping out of my comfort zone; like Duchess Kate, I tend to stay loyal to my nude panty-hose. To break out of this rut, I recently purchased three new pairs of fancy Givenchy tights featuring lovely geometric and floral patterns. What better time to wear them for the first time than in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out? Without further ado:

Skirt, BCBG; belt, Kate Spade; halter, MICHAEL Michael Kors; cardigan, Joe Fresh; tights, Givenchy; shoes, Ralph Lauren; ring, Winners

If, like me, you are interested in experimenting with patterned tights, I would definitely recommend giving these Givenchy ones a try. I found them at Winners in a variety of patterns for a not unreasonable $7.99. I think they had just come in, because they hadn’t been picked over yet – always a concern at high-traffic Winners. If you do pick up a pair, make sure to go a size up if you’re borderline (like me); they seem to fit a little bit on the small size.

Also at Winners, I found this little gem of a ring; although it is hard to see in the photo above, it works perfectly with the colours of the blouse.

Looks like fall, captured in a gem

One of the most exciting things about Fashion’s Night Out, for me, is waiting to see what exclusive nail polish colours will be released by Chanel in conjunction with this event. Last year’s Coco Blue, Blue Boy and Blue Rebel (Les Jeans de Chanel) were a huge hit, and it looks like Peter Phillips has decided to dazzle us with another trio this year, Les Twin-Sets de Chanel: Infidele, Provocation, and Delicatesse. As a fan of twin-sets, I adore the name, and can’t wait to get these on my digits. Stay tuned!

2 Comments on Fashion’s Night Out!

  1. Oooooooh, you know how much I love patterned tights (and as an aside, if you ever see those Wolford seamed ones on sale again, please send me some!!), but it’s still early September! I say stick with the nude hose (or even – gasp – bare legs) at least for another few weeks.

    • I’ll keep my eye out for sure! Winners had a ton of tights (including seamed ones from Givenchy, but no Wolford ones) the other day, so you might want to check it out. September is much chillier than the last two months of summer have been (at least here), so I’m definitely ready for warmer attire! But, as it happens every year, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to dress for colder weather. Like, what is this thing called a “jacket” again? LOL!