Remember back – oh, say, 2 months ago – when I talked about how much I ended up enjoying a more minimalist wardrobe during my maternity leave, and how I looked forward to continuing that trend as I transitioned back to work? Yeah … that didn’t last long. Two main reasons. One, I started getting back into reading other style blogs (coffee breaks are awesome!) and, two, I rediscovered the mall. Oh, hai! The upside of both is that my (style) creativity has hit a new high – I have, like, a million outfits ideas I want to try! – but the downside is that I am constantly finding “gaps” in my wardrobe and being tempted to go out and fill them. Worse yet, I have caught myself saying the inconceivable – “I have nothing to wear!” – on more than one occasion. Wah, wah!

What to do? Rather than upping my monthly clothes budget and going on a rampage (hey, I’m not ruling that out entirely just yet), I’ve decided to do the only responsible but fun thing in the circumstances: propose myself a wardrobe challenge.

The essence of the challenge is simple: re-discover the possibilities of my wardrobe by wearing a different, stylish outfit every day. Initially, I was going to make this a 30 day challenge – as in, 30 different outfits in one month. But, then, I thought why limit myself so arbitrarily? So, instead, I have decided to try wearing different outfits every day and see how long I can last before I run out of clothes and/or inspiration, and have to “repeat” an outfit. I’m calling it “The Remix Challenge”.

To make it truly a challenge, the goal is to make each outfit as unique and interesting (whilst still wearable in the context of my actual day), without simply repeating the same formulas with nothing more than minimal accessory tweaks. Obviously, since I’m not about to start randomly changing my style from day to day, my outfits are still going to have that “Adina” flavour; plus, since one of the goals of the challenge is to help me cut down on needless purchases, a lot of the same pieces will be popping up regularly. Nevertheless, I want to use this as an opportunity to express every ounce of creativity I can muster – and, hopefully, have a very stylish fall!

The plan is to take photos of each outfit in action, wherever and whenever possible (no more “builder’s beige” background!), and post a “week in review” summary every Sunday. Keep an eye out for the first one coming this week, and let me know how you think I did! Take a guess at how long my Remix Challenge will last, and feel free to play along at home.

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  1. I will definitely be playing along from home! I’ve been feeling a little blah with my wardrobe too. I have done a ton of shopping lately – both in the States and at home, so I will have some new pieces to incorporate into my usual outfit rotation.

    On another slightly related note, I bought a very cute houndstooth patterned dress from Jacob and wore it today. Dresses are so comfy! I will have to look for more during the Boxing Day sales.

  2. OMG!! I was thinking of doing the same challenge! Except I never actually got started… (motivitational issues.. haha). I can’t wait to see what you will come up with!!

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