This past weekend was one of those rare occasions when all the stars aligned just right: chores got done, friends visited, Costco had a special on sweet ‘n salty popcorn, and the kid gave boundary-testing a (brief) break. Best of all, the weather was a lovely, balmy surprise. Actually, scratch that. Best of all were the nine (!) boxes of books I was gifted on Sunday – and not a romance novel among them. Booyah!

I have to confess that, lately, weekends have had me less than enthused given their tendency to be even more exhausting than a typical work day. Parents of multiple children, I take my hat off to you; I can barely keep up with one toddler. As a further confession, I must tell you that, not coincidentally, my weekend style has been suffering as of late. I get really excited about ‘dressing up’ every morning for work, but ‘dressing down’ for my grocery runs or the “tire the kid out and pray he naps” trips is somewhat less exciting. So, for the last while, my weekend getting-dressed routine revolves around whatever pair of jeans is closest at hand and the grey hoodie I wore practically every day of my maternity leave. Glamorous, right?

Well, if that sounds like a style rut (and it does), consider me free once more. Last weekend I managed to put together not one, but three pretty cute outfits – none of them featuring jeans OR grey hoodies. To celebrate that accomplishment (and perhaps inspire anyone else who’s felt her casual style slipping to the dreaded “grey hoodie comfort zone”), here’s a quick peek at my three takes on weekend style.

Saturday morning: Grocery shopping

Chinos, Banana Republic; shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs; shoes, Joe Fresh; bag, Yves Saint Laurent

Another point of pride is the fact that I didn’t wear any black all weekend long. In recent weeks, on the odd occasion when I felt like my chores called for a more pulled-together look, I usually just went with something black. Safe, bland, uninspiring, snooze. Don’t get me wrong: I like black just fine; but, let’s be honest, black can easily be nothing more than a comfort blanket.

For this outfit, I resisted the urge to wear my black flats, and took a cue from the colours in the pattern of my Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt – pairing pink with purple and cobalt blue. If that’s not taking risks with colour, I don’t know what is.

The lovely hydrangeas were for my mom (and dad), for grandparents’ day on Sunday. Unlike Madonna, I love hydrangeas; a couple of stems can look fantastic on their own, and they can last for weeks. I don’t care if they’re considered over-hyped or un-hip these days; as far as I’m concerned, trends are for clothes, not flowers. I bought my bouquet at Costco, and it’s a deal you can’t beat: $9.99 for 3 stems. Costco has the best reasonably-priced flowers around.

Saturday afternoon: Clothes shopping

I made a quick trip out to the shopping monolith that is South Common in the hopes of finding a couple of new blouses. I’ve been finding myself wanting to experiment more with layering, and coming up short in the blouse department; I have a lot of camisoles and shells, but very few sleeved, collared tops I can layer under things. Normally, I don’t put a ton of effort into my shopping outfits, but the warm, sunny afternoon inspired me to pull out one of my summer dresses for one last (?) hurrah.

Dress, Zara; shoes, Nine West; belt, Kate Spade; bag, Yves Saint Laurent; sunglasses, Gucci

Two things. One, I just picked up these Nine West platform sandals from the remnants of their end-of-summer sale for a sweet $26. I’ve had a hankering for this type of chunky sandal for a while, and the price was right. They look unmanageable, but are actually comfortable. To be honest, because of the price, I didn’t double-check if the material is leather; if it is, it’s very, very soft – a must for strappy shoes, I find. The heels are a bit clunky-looking, especially from the back, but I kinda dig the 70s vibe. Also, they make me 6 feel tall. Enough said.

Second, as much as I love the print and neckline of this Zara dress, I think we’re headed for a break-up. I have long feared that it was simply too short for me, and my fear was confirmed this weekend. Bending down to strap my son into his car-seat, I felt a definite breeze on my upper thighs. Luckily, our neighbours weren’t around at that exact moment to witness any inadvertent indecent exposure. But I have learned my lesson. I am debating whether to try turning the dress into a top, or just let it go altogether. I think it may have to be the former, unless someone can talk me into a sweet swap.

Sunday afternoon: Coffee date

Skirt, Winners; shirt, H&M; shoes, Nine West; bag, Longchamps

I love the look of crisp white shirts, though I usually don’t feel like I can pull them off. This is the only white shirt I’ve ever felt really comfortable wearing, mostly because it’s a more relaxed, wrinkly-on-purpose style. And it can still look polished, as demonstrated here, tucked into my go-to skirt of the summer.

Easy, breezy, indeed.

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    • Re outfit #1: For going to Superstore at 8 a.m. on a Saturday, I think I should get points for not wearing (a) Lululemon pants; or (b) pajamas. And, pssst, I’m a station wagon kind of mom all the way 😉