As in past years, Chanel’s beauty guru, Peter Phillips, debuted three limited edition polishes for Fashion’s Night Out, back in September. This year’s trio, called Les Twinsets de Chanel, featured rich, fall-appropriate shades called Provocation, Infidele, and Delicatesse. I was able to have an in-person look at all three, and picked the first two for my ever-growing collection. Today, I bring you Infidele.

Of the three polishes in Les Twinsets (love that name!), Infidele was the one in which I was least interested, based on the promotional materials. First of all, it was described as a “pink”, and I have a love-hate relationship with pink nail polish; I love it, but it mostly hates my skin tone. In photos, it didn’t look promising. As it happens, the promos did not do it justice. In person, Chanel Infidele is a beautiful, deep rose-mauve – neither pink nor burgundy. It’s Rose Confidentiel’s brighter, rosier cousin, although the two colours are dissimilar enough to justify having both. For anyone who found Rose Confidentiel too “old lady”-like, Infidele is the answer.

Chanel Infidele

Application-wise, Chanel Infidele was a dream! The formula is simply perfection. One coat is all I applied in the photo above, and I like the delicate, blush-like finish. For more colour saturation, two coats would be just the ticket.

For my inspired outfit, I followed Infidele’s romantic, feminine vibe and chose my new Ellen Tracy dress. I’m not generally a fan of 70s fashion, but I like the subtle nod to the era here. It’s a floral print – again! – but in muted colours perfect for fall. In fact, this dress is ready-made for the cooler seasons, and great for layering – I can’t wait to experiment with it in the Remix Challenge! I hated the fabric belt that came with the dress, so I substituted my H&M “knot” belt for a bit of “tough chic” contrast.

Dress, Ellen Tracy; belt, H&M; necklace, H&M; tights, HUE; shoes, LAUREN Ralph Lauren

I found the dress in the clearance section at the Red Deer Winners, priced down to $44. A tad bit more than I would normally pay for a synthetic blend fabric, but the retro feel and mixing possibilities won me over. A word on the store, of which I’d heard many fables of overlooked treasures. I would put the Red Deer Winners on par with the Mayfield Common store in Edmonton – not terrible, but by no means a treasure trove. There is no “runway” section (so no big-name designer labels), and the accessory sections are on the weak side. If you happen to be making a pit stop in Red Deer, definitely check it out – but don’t worry about going out of your way to visit it otherwise.

2 Comments on Chanel Infidele

  1. Super cute outfit! Especially love… the hair! I’m getting mine cut short next week and looking for ‘dos that might work. Like the tights, too. I’ve been a single mom for way too long, so everything I own is either 20 plus years old or from Goodwill, ha ha. But I do like to look at fashion blogs, see the possibilities if I ever win the lotto.

    • Well, you have come to the right place! A lot of my clothes are from Goodwill too, and I think that’s in no way an impediment to style 😉

      Short hair is super practical, speaking as a mom. Wash ‘n go! LOL!