Chanel Kaleidoscope is an older, long-discontinued polish that I was recently able to grab, for a somewhat reasonable price. Older Chanel polishes tend to increase in value over time (some more than others) – just like most Chanel things – so I got lucky. On eBay, Kaleidoscope routinely sells for over $100, far more than what I paid. Although, as a Chanel collector, I am happy to have added it to my stash, I can’t say that I find the colour so amazing as to justify its current market price. When it comes to pewter-ish shades, I actually prefer the sparklier Graphite, although the two are by no means dupes.

But enough grumbling, here’s a peek at Chanel Kaleidoscope:

Chanel Kaleidoscope

I think the colour is not particularly flattering to my skin tone, which is probably why it doesn’t really make me go “ahh!”. It probably works better on people with less pink undertones in their skin.

Chanel Kaleidoscope
Chanel Kaleidoscope

Because it’s a metallic-y polish, visible brush-strokes can be an issue. I recommend two coats to even things out (maybe three if you’re really nit-picky).

As an aside, I am trying out a new shape and length for my nails – less square, more oval, and longer. This style is making a real comeback, so I can’t claim originality, but I like its slightly retro vibe. I’m tolerating the extra length surprisingly well, and I’m happy to say that my nails don’t end up looking like talons as they grow out.

For my inspired outfit, I decided to go head-to-toe monotone in various shades of putty/oatmeal.That doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but I like the end result. I got the idea from my silk MICHAEL Michael Kors peasant blouse, which matches Kaleidoscope almost perfectly.

Chanel Kaleidoscope
Tone on tone on tone!

I guess oatmeal is not so boring after all:

Chanel Kaleidoscope
Skirt, Valentino R.E.D. (consignment); top, MICHAEL Michael Kors (consignment); jacket, Danier; shoes, Nine West

I have no idea where I’d wear this – “date nights” these days are likely to involve IHOP and a rambunctious toddler, and most evenings involve watching Sportsnet, in my pyjamas, with my “boys” – but I’d like to think that, in some alternate universe, I would totally rock this.

Chanel Kaleidoscope
Monotone doesn’t have to be boring!

What do you think of Chanel Kaleidoscope?

8 Comments on Manicure of the Week: Chanel Kaleidoscope

  1. Love the pattern on the blouse. And tone-on-tone worked ever so well! Now, if I ever kick my nail chewing habit, this would definitely be a nail colour for me.

    • Thanks! You can consider gel nail polish. I hear that it really protects/strenghtens your nails. The thing that stopped me biting my nails (after 20+ years) was getting gel nails (similar principle) – my nails were too strong for me to chew/bite them. But yeah, that’s one hard habit to break!

  2. I like your outfit/nail colour combo.

    I get disappointed painting my nails because it doesn’t last long, a couple of days max.; after that, it starts chipping. I know that playing with my son (2 years) and dogs, working out, and house chores *probably* doesn’t help, but it’s annoying spending all that effort (filing the nails, base, clour, finishing coat) for just a couple of days. I do like to have my nails painted though; ah! such a dilemma!

    When you say that you collect them, does it mean you don’t use them?

    • No, I use them too. But I buy (new) Chanel colours sometimes even if I already have a similar colour in my stash, just to have it in my collection. Lately, though, I haven’t been buying much nail polish at all – just the odd new Chanel one that’s come out.

      I haven’t been painting my nails as often these days, but it’s not as much of an effort for me because I have gel nails. So I only have to worry about applying the nail polish (and maybe top coat). But I feel for ya – that sounds like a long process!

  3. I once used gel nails and my nails (my real nails) started peeling underneath. I only realized this after removing the gel nails. I didn’t hurt but I had like little holes all over my nails. I was horrible!

    • I think it really depends on the type of gel. My nails are definitely on the thin side if you remove the gel (although they always were pretty thin/brittle), but I have never seen holes. Yikes! Have you ever tried gel nail polish?

  4. I love Kaleidoscope, also got mine for a ridiculous price, but same as you I find it not so great looking on my pale skin. Graphite is indeed much better!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks so – I know that Kaleidoscope is really popular (judging by the prices), and wanted to jump on it when I found it, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.