Malice was Chanel’s sole nail polish offering for the holidays last year, and a limited edition at that. Although it’s now long sold out, you will want to check out this post – Chanel Malice is a real beauty, and at the end I have a couple of suggestions for some dupes that might fill its place if you fall for it like I did.

Chanel Malice
Chanel Malice

As the name would suggest, Chanel Malice is dark and vampy. While it’s in the same (extended) family as Rouge Noir, and Chanel’s other dark beauties, it’s actually in a class of its own. It has that rare, true, lit-from-within glow that makes it anything but a plain, old burgundy. [Of course, the weather wouldn’t cooperate the day I took these photos, so my camera’s flash will have to stand in for that all-elusive sun.]

Chanel Malice
Chanel Malice (flash)

Under direct light, you can really see its fire; but even in regular light, Malice has a depth and richness to it that is quite unparalleled. Application is a breeze, as expected. Two coats, no problem. I would add a topcoat, just for some extra glassy shine, and to extend the manicure. [I’m finding that chipping is a bigger problem with longer nails.]

If you like Malice, but missed out last Christmas, don’t worry, you’re in luck. Although not exact dupes, OPI Germanicure and OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest are very close. Both have the same lit-from-within glow; colour-wise, Malice is a mix of the two – not as purple-leaning as EMIO, nor as brown-leaning as Germanicure. Both OPI polishes are from the Germany collection (natch), and should still be available online and in beauty supply stores. 

Chanel Malice
Chanel Malice (index and ring fingers) versus OPI Germanicure (middle and pinkie fingers)

For an “inspired” outfit, I wanted something glamorous and classic – something that an anti-heroine in a ‘40s film noir might wear. My best bet? A slinky LBD, sky-high pumps, and a piece of statement bling.

Chanel Malice
Dress, Elie Tahari; brooch, vintage; shoes, Enzo Angiolini

Speaking of bling, I love the geometric shape of this brooch – it’s perfect for dressing up the decolletage.

Chanel Malice
Art Deco-ish brooch, courtesy of eBay

That said, I need to work on my “vamp” face. But, hey, lipstick is a start, right?

Chanel Malice
One last pose

Thoughts on Chanel Malice?

4 Comments on Manicure of the Week: Chanel Malice

  1. I love it, the color and the outfit!

    At a first glance, you can’t see the difference between the Chanel and the OPI; you really have to look closely.

    I buy Butter nail polish because it’s affordable and the no animal testing issue 🙂

    • I really like Butter too!! Chanel is usually a brand that sets the nail polish trends, but they’ve been behind the last few collections. The OPIs came out first, last fall. In any case, I love this colour – enough to have a couple of dupes in my collection 😉

  2. That colour looks so rich and luxurious that even I completely see why it goes so well with the little black dress. On the other note, the little black dress is very classy and goes very well with your new hairstyle. You bring to life the True Elegance :). Well done!

    • Thanks 🙂 Not sure about the hairdo in this case … it’s not particularly femme fatale-ish, but you have to work with what you have, LOL! If I nailed the outfit, I’m happy 🙂