No joke, this may have been one of my favourite Remix Challenge weeks ever! Minus Tuesday, aka “pants day” (I hate pants!), I loved how every outfit looked, and felt. Just between me and you, that doesn’t always happen. Looking at this week’s photos, though, I realize that I need to remember to apply lipstick a bit more often! [In my defence, by the end of the week I had a proper excuse for looking sickly: I actually was sick. Darn spring cold!]

Monday, April 8, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg; tank, Tristan; tights, Joe Fresh; shoes, LAUREN Ralph Lauren

This is the Diane von Furstenberg dress I bought last month. Still in love with it. ‘Nuff said. I accessorized the deconstructed-bow pattern with my tiny bow necklace and polka dots (tights) – kinda twee, but I like it.

remix challenge
Bow necklace, Tiffany.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013: work

remix challenge
Shirt, Tilley (thrifted); sweater, Charter Club (swapped); shoes, Enzo Angiolini (swapped); necklace, Banana Republic; bag, J. Crew

Pants, yawn! I do love the Liberty-esque pattern on this thrifted Tilley shirt, though. Sadly, the shirt is a little too big for me (and wrinkly, my bad!), so I needed to camouflage that a bit. A sweater did the trick this time.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013: work (sigh!)

remix challenge
Skirt, BCBG; jacket, Costa Blance; top, H&M; belt, Holt Renfrew; shoes, Jimmy Choo (thrifted); bag, J. Crew

By now, it should be apparent to all that I freakin’ love this BCBG skirt; I wear it almost every week. I found it years ago at Winners, for something like $40, and it may just be one of my best finds ever. Love how it looks paired with this Costa Blanca cropped jacket, a pick from last year’s clothing swap. Here’s a look at the outfit with the jacket undone:

remix challenge
Peekaboo lace

Thursday, April 11, 2013: work (what else?)

remix challenge
Skirt, vintage (thrifted); jacket, Anthropologie; tank, Tristan; belt, Holt Renfrew; shoes, Ellen Tracy; necklace, Tiffany

One of my style oddities is my deep affection for all things floral – the more flamboyant, the better. I bought this vintage skirt (at Value Village) because it reminded me of that needlepoint pattern used to upholster every grandma’s couch in the history of  furniture. I’m serious; that was its selling point for me. [When I bought it, the skirt was lower calf-length, and very 19 Kids and Counting-looking, so there was some negatives to overlook.] Anyway, laugh if you must, but I love my old-couch skirt!

remix challenge
Love me some tapestry!

Friday, April 12, 2013: work (for the weekend!)

remix challenge
Top, MICHAEL Michael Kors (consignment); wrap, Winners; necklace, Swarovski; shoes, Ellen Tracy; bag, Chanel (consignment)

Casual Friday at work means jeans … which are kind of “yawn” too. Too close to pants! Anyway, I’m not sure what’s up with the flamingo pose, but we’ll blame it on the sunny weather – it makes me kinda giddy. As you can see, my Ellen Tracy flats got a work-out this week: two wears in two days. Sometimes, nothing beats a red shoe!

See you next time!

10 Comments on Remix Challenge: Week 30

  1. i LOOOOVE your ‘couch’ skirt. Super cute outfit!! I see florals on other people and love it, and then put them on and feel like i’m 90….tips for finding the right floral?

    • I don’t know about the “right” floral – I just go with whatever draws my eye. Typically, I like big impact, so I go with bigger/bolder patterns. Really tiny flower patterns also remind me of the early 90s, and my grunge phase, so I tend to give them a pass. If you’re worried about being overwhelmed with floral, start with a top and cover part of it with a cardigan. As for skirts, just keep the length at or above knee-level to avoid the “frumpy couch” look, LOL!
      Those would be my 2 cents, but you should definitely give florals a try!!

  2. Love the Thursday outfit. It may be, easily, one of my favourites (the shoes especially).
    The flamingo pose might have been inspired by the lunch with the different kind of “large bird”, but we won’t go there 😉

  3. Nice outfits, especially Monday and Wednesday. I also love your old-couch skirt, but I don’t think I could pull it off.
    Do you wear pantyhoses with the skirts? Sometimes I have the feeling that wearing them makes the outfit too formal.

    • I do, especially in the winter-time. Although I’m not a typically conservative dresser, I still work in a fairly conservative environment, so I feel like pantyhose is a necessity. Also, it’s definitely a practical necessity in the winter time.

      Everyone can use an old-couch skirt, LOL! Just make it a little bit shorter so it doesn’t veer into “dowdy” territory. But then again, I AM biased 😉

  4. Those red flats are really cute! I love them. I think I like Wednesday’s outfit the best. I’m glad it’s getting to be skirt weather: I am sick of the same 4 pairs of pants I’ve worn every week to work since October. I wear pantyhose with skirts all of the time – otherwise I feel like it’s too casual.

  5. I’ve switched to my spring/summer/fall commuting shoes too – and to my early spring/late fall jacket. I’m hoping soon it will be nice enough to transition to my spring jacket!