It’s hard to believe, but this was my sixth annual clothing swap. If I may lapse into nostalgia for a moment, let me just say: how much has changed since 2007! I started dating my husband in 2008. Changed jobs in 2009. Got married and bought a house in 2010. Had my son in 2011. Took a breath in 2012. And now, here we are.

Spring Clothing Swap
The little mister, all of 20 months old.

But back to more important things. This year, I decided to go with an “English afternoon tea” theme for my clothing swap, for purely selfish reasons. One, I finally completed my (mismatched) Royal Albert tea set by getting the piece de resistance: a tea pot.

Spring Clothing Swap
Royal Albert, unknown pattern

This took a long time primarily because I’m cheap, and wouldn’t spend more than $100 on one. Goodwill, my usual source of all things Royal Albert, didn’t come through for me. Eventually, I was lucky enough to find this tea pot at the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall, for a reasonable $65. It supposedly has a mismatched lid, which I’ve come to believe is not in fact mismatched at all. Either way, it fits my collection.

Spring Clothing Swap
My “lucky 13” collection

Back to the swap. The second reason why I picked the “afternoon tea” theme was my love of all things starchy. Cucumber sandwiches? Yes, please. Squares, and cookies, and brownies? Oh my! [Though, to be fair, the brownies were gluten-free – not to mention delicious – courtesy of my friend Laura.]

Spring Clothing Swap
A few of the goodies …

I’m pretty proud of my efforts with the “set design” this year. I was able to use some favourite things: lush roses (this is my favourite way of arranging them), my hobnail milk glass pieces (a new collecting obsession), and my great-grandmother’s hand-made lace table cloth.

Spring Clothing Swap
The collection on display

The clothing swap itself was great fun, as always. This year’s guests brought a TON of clothes, so there were amazing clothes for everyone to take home… not to mention half a dozen bags left for charity (Goodwill for casual clothes, and Suit Yourself for office wear). I’m planning to show you some of my loot, styled with pieces from my closet, in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a sneak peak:

Spring Clothing Swap


15 Comments on Spring Clothing Swap

    • Thanks again for coming! I had a great time hosting.
      And, yes, back on the blogging wagon – but trying to keep it low-stress (for myself). We’ll see 😉

  1. Nice tea cup collection!

    I bought my first tea cup two weeks ago, but it’s an Elizabethan. Do you know if there is a big difference between the Elizabethan and the Royal Albert, quality wise?

    • No, I’m not really a china aficionado. I picked Royal Albert more or less at random – it just happened to be the label on the first cup I ever bought, which I picked because of its pattern. I decided to stick to Royal Albert to make things easier, collecting-wise. I tend to go overboard without limits, LOL! If you’re just collecting for you, I’d say go with whatever appeals to you.

  2. I had a good time at the swap too! I’ve already worn one of the pieces to work. Love the teacup collection!

  3. Thank you very much for the invite, Adina. I loved the event as much as I loved the cucumber sandwiches (I’m food motivated).
    That’s an attractive mismatch teacup collection.
    Being considerably less creative than you, I’ve collected the entire Old Country Roses dining set over the last few years and I just started collecting the Lady Carlyle. Perhaps, in a few centuries, I’ll have enough plates, cups and bowls to test my own mismatch imagination :).

    • I adore the Lady Carlyle!! I call it my Marie Antoinette cup.
      Part of me would love a whole dining set, but I know it would never get used. I don’t really “do” three course meals on a regular basis, lol!
      You’ll have to show me your set next time I come for a visit 🙂

  4. The complete set is the Old Country Roses. I’ll be happy to show it to you. Lady Cralyle is in the infant stage.
    We don’t offer “fine dining” in our home either. The reason I collect there are sheer vanity, my dear 🙂

  5. Love the shoes with the details!
    I notice you have a fringe now… love it too.
    I’m always Summer here now… and humid and wet. Dressing is a bit of a nightmare for me with the amount of humidity in the air and from me.