I love to visit Vancouver (although I don’t think I could live there): it’s like a home away from from; all the comforts of home, without the stress. It helps that I have been visiting Vancouver regularly for 5 years now, and know my way around downtown blind-folded. I have favourite places to eat, to relax, to shop, to get a pedicure … what more does a woman need?

Vancouver in February
English Bay, a few blocks off Davie Street – one of my favourite areas in Van.

This was our second family trip to Vancouver, and Luka loved it! The city may just be the antidote (Kryptonite?) to his otherwise inexhaustible energy. An hour’s walk along the Sea Wall, some running around Stanley Park, and he’s down for the (nap) count without a murmur of protest. Here is our intrepid adventurer (and mom), neatly blending in with the landscape.

Vancouver in February
Look up – everything was already in bloom!

We didn’t have the benefit of amazing weather; it was sunny only on the day we arrived, and the day we left. But underneath the drizzle and grey skies, Vancouver in February was still practically tropical for these Albertans. The rain didn’t deter Luka (nothing does, really), so we had to keep up and soldier on.

Vancouver in February
That’s more like the Vancouver I know!

It what is becoming something of a family tradition, we took Luka back to the Aquarium, which he loved even more than the first time (back in May 2012). He was also interested in the fauna around Stanley Park, and we narrowly avoided having him end up with an impromptu bath. Brrr!!

Vancouver in February
The swans in Stanley Park

The mallard ducks were cute too. We were too intimidated to attempt to take pictures of the flocks of geese patrolling Stanley Park.

Vancouver in February
Stanley Park redux

Because we didn’t rent a car, and were hosted by friends in Yaletown, we stuck close to downtown, which suits us fine. We did make a trip to Kits, and though the bus ride tested the limits of everyone’s patience, it was worth it for the lovely family brunch at Aphrodite’s Pies – a cute vegan cafe we, literally, stumbled into.

Vancouver in February
Walking along the Sea Wall

One of my favourite new discoveries was the enjoyable Sea Wall promenade from English Bay to Yaletown – perfect for a leisurely, post-breakfast stroll. [Breakast is always at The Dish, quite simply one of the best things about the West Side.] Love the unexpected glimpses, like this mural underneath Burrad Bridge.

Vancouver in the Spring
Under Burrard Bridge

Till next time, Vancouver!

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  1. The rain looks so nice compared to all of this snow we have here. It looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. I love the pics. I think that this has started me thinking about a possibility of a surprise short escape I can spin onto Stephan. I’ll just blame it on you 🙂