Saturday, May 11, 2013: early Mother’s Day brunch

Remix challenge
Skirt, Gap (thrifted); shirt, H&M; necklace, H&M; shoes, Nine West; bag, Coach (vintage)

I thought I was clever in going for brunch on the Saturday before Mothers’ Day, but apparently everyone else had the same idea. We eventually found a relatively quiet spot at The Upper Crust, and enjoyed some delicious, fresh breakfast fare en famille. Then it was off for mani-pedis with my mom, and some afternoon flea marketing.

Thoughts on the hipster-ish shirt tying business? I think I’m too old for it, but I have to admit it’s handy when you’ve got a bump to work around.

remix challenge
Bump alert!

Monday, May 13, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, MICHAEL Michael Kors (consignment); jacket, Pink Tartan (consignment); shoes, Nine West; earrings, vintage

I love my 60s-inspired, “Jackie O” Pink Tartan suit, but I feel like it’s starting to look more and more “mumsy-ish” on me as I get older. Sigh! So, I try to still get use out of it by wearing the suit pieces as separates. A plain, solid-colour dress like this one is great as a “backdrop” for statement pieces like the jacket.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013: work

remix challenge
Skirt, Lilibleu; top, H&M; jacket, Tristan (consignment); locket, vintage; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Chanel (consignment)

As I mentioned before, high waist skirts can be a godsend during pregnancy, as long as they have some room in the tummy/hip area. This skirt is a too big for me normally, but it’s perfectly accommodating at the moment. I think it will be going into my “purge pile” come 2014, but for now – it’s a work wardrobe staple.

remix challenge
Proof that the right angle can make all the difference …

Wednesday, May 15, 2013: work

remix challenge
Pants, maternity; top, MICHAEL Michael Kors (consignment); cardigan, Old Navy; necklace, vintage; shoes, Stuar Weitzman; bag, Mulberry (second-hand)

This is SUCH a maternity outfit, isn’t it! Long, blousy top – check. Crappy maternity pants – check. Trying to jazz things up with a fun print and happy colour … but not really getting very far. Wearing this outfit reminded me that I hate the buttons on this cardigan – they clash with everything. Note to self: look into replacing them with something nicer, and more unobtrusive.

Thursday, May 16, 2013:  work

remix challenge
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg (gift); tank top, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Mulberry (second hand)

Possibly the only downside of wrap dresses is that they tend to be harder to mix up. Realistically, that’s only a problem for people who are running “remix challenges”, like yours truly. Still, accessories can make a difference, so their impact on an outfit shouldn’t be underestimated.

remix challenge
Nail polish: Chanel Holiday

Friday, May 17, 2013: work

remix challenge
Tunic, Elie Tahari (consignment); leggings, maternity; shoes, Ferragamo (vintage); bag, Coach (vintage)

The weather looked to continue on the warm-and-sunny track, so I decided it was as good an opportunity as any to wear something nicer than jeans – casual Friday or not! This is one of my favourite maternity tunics, but it is on the short side, so it definitely requires leggings to make it work-appropriate (even on a casual day).

In case you are wondering, I consider this a suitable deployment of leggings in the work space. My rules of thumb: make sure your butt is well-covered (with a hem a minimum of 3-4 inches below), and that you keep leggings strictly for casual days. Thoughts? Share in the comments.


12 Comments on Remix Challenge: week 35

  1. Wow, some lovely outfits in this post. I hear you about the leggings…. I often find myself looking at young ladies (that makes me feel old!) with very short tops and leggings that are not much thicker than tights. I don’t want to see leggings that show me your knickers ladies… so buy a decent thick pair make of non tights material!

    Love the Wends Red shoes too, they are awesome! x

    • I hear you! I am quite militant on the subject of wearing leggings and Lululemon pants at the office, and while there is never a good reason for the latter, leggings can be appropriate in the right (limited) circumstances. But if I can see upper thigh (much less anything north of that!), you’re doing it wrong!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The last two outfits and the pink cardigan and printed blouse are my favorites (and sort of more you, I think). Leggings will work if they are thick enough to fake as skinny pants and it does not have any diamonds / lace on it.
    Can you do a post on how you organize your wardrobe? and possibly a sneak peep at your *entire* shoes collection? I cannot be the only one with more than 10 pairs of shoes.

    • LOL! No, you are most definitely not the only one 😉
      It’s hard to really show my wardrobe, because my closet is narrow – impossible to photograph properly. I basically sort everything by type (skirts, tops, cardigans, dresses, jackets, etc.), and I try to keep out-of-season clothes separate as much as possible. I do have a post coming up at some point about organizing my jewelry.
      As for shoes … I can try go wrangle everything in one shot if people are interested/curious 😉 Although it’s probably not as exciting as you would think …

  3. I really love Thursday and Friday outfits.

    I would really appreciate a post about organizing jewelry. I can’t wait!

    • Alrighty, I did some re-shuffling of posts, and that one will be coming up in 2 weeks 🙂
      [And in case you were curious, I have a posts scheduled into mid-August – how’s that for organized? LOL!]

  4. Excellent!

    You work full time and have an organized house (based on what I can see on the pictures) and an organized blog. You are definitely the queen! I stay at home and I can’t even keep my recipe book organized @_@

    • omg, no way! The house is like a war zone of toys, random reno projects, and general confusion. I just take pictures in the few tidy spots 😉 Honestly, most days I just feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants.

  5. This entire week is simply lovely!
    Monday is my favorite. It reminds me of something … and no, it’s not Jackie O.

    I’ll sign up for the Lumosity Canada and get back to you as soon as it starts working.