April didn’t bring us many showers, unless you count a few snow storms, but it did bring me lots of sparkly things. Let’s start with the more prosaic first, though.

My navy Hunter rubber boots ($90 at Costco) were actually purchased at the very end of March,just after I wrote my last update. Lesson learned – don’t hit “publish” prematurely. You’ve already seen them, so there really isn’t anything new to add, except to say that I have been wearing the heck out of them this past month (and giving my poor leather boots a much deserved break after 5+ months of snow). I did realize, somewhat to my chagrin, some time after buying them that Hunter boots are now made in China and that the quality is apparently no longer what it used to be. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that I will be able to get my money’s worth out of them for seasons to come.

I continued the trend of not buying a lot of clothes this month. The only article of clothing I got was this floral Jacob top ($15 at consignment). I wanted something comfy and stretchy, and I liked the (what else?) floral pattern. The colours will give me lots of options for accessorizing with pieces in my closet.

what i bought
Jacob top (consignment)

On to the sparkly stuff!! April was the month I finally caved, and got accounts on both eBay and Etsy – primarily so I can indulge my current passion for all things vintage, without being beholden to the local (over-priced) antique stores, or limited to the rather slim pickings at my usual thrift stores. There is SO much stuff there! I may have lost my head a little bit. First up, a gold-tone Coro necklace with a delicate floral design with blue-green rhinestones ($27, including shipping).

What I bought
Vintage Coro necklace (eBay)

The next few photos are of a jewelry lot I was able to snag for a sweet price (probably because I was bidding on Easter Sunday, when most people had better things to do) – 2 brooches and 2 sets of clip-on earrings for $58 (shipping included). First up, blue rhinestones and (faux) pearl earrings; I’m not sure if I’ll end up keeping these, or giving them to my mom, but they sure are sparkly!

What I bought
Vintage brooch and earrings lot, part 1 (eBay)

Next, a brooch featuring aqua rhinestones in a design that looks like a snowflake from far away, but is actually composed of tiny leaves (or flowers).

What I bought
Vintage brooch and earrings lot, part 2 (eBay)

Finally, the piece de resistance: a brooch and earrings set that is blingy to the max.

What I bought
Vintage brooch and earrings set, part 3 (eBay)

The brooch is probably familiar; I have already worn it. It also has a hook and can double-up as a pendant – I can’t wait to try it for a different look. The earrings are a statement piece, for sure.

What I bought
Another look

Speaking of statement pieces, this one was my most expensive purchase ($55, including shipping), but boy, do I love it: an Art Deco-inspired, green and clear rhinestone brooch that’s simply gorgeous. I am loving deep emerald at the moment (I think it was Pantone’s colour of the year either this year or last), and especially in accessories – it looks amazing with neutrals like black and navy.

What I bought
Vintage brooch (eBay)

Last but not least, another brooch and earring set ($32, including shipping). In the course of my online browsing for vintage costume jewelry, I quickly became somewhat obsessed with so-called “watermelon” rhinestones – rhinestones that flash a rainbow of colours, depending on the angle. My dream now is to someday own a Schiaparelli piece featuring this type of rhinestone … but seeing as those start at $100 and up, I am content with this set for now.

What I bought
Vintage brooch and earrings set (Etsy)

Here is another look, which really shows the colour-changing effect. These particular rhinestones are known as “rivoli”; they feature a starburst-like cut, and rather than being flat on top, are more pyramid-like and pointy.

What I bought
“Watermelon” rivoli rhinestones

As you can tell, I had a blast shopping online in April – maybe a little too much of a blast. Hopefully, May will prove to be a more sober month … ah, who am I kidding? I’m sure you can expect more e-shopping adventures.

13 Comments on What I Bought: April

  1. Nice buying?

    Regarding the boots, do you think a color boot (like blue in your case) is as versatile as the black boots? I wanted to buy the Hunter boots in red, but I think black would be better. Also, after reading they’re made in China I didn’t buy them and I’m looking for an alternative now.

    I remember my aunt and grandmother always wearing a brooch and I always love the style. The only thing that stops me from wearing them is that I’m afraid it will leave holes on the garment, specially on thin garments.

    I also think that the watermelon rhinestone is the prettiest!

    • I definitely think navy is a great alternative to black! Especially a dark navy, like this one – it even looks black in some lights. For me, it works especially well because I wear my boots mostly with skinny jeans, and the navy complements the denim well (it almost elongates the leg line a bit).

      I have heard good things about Aigle boots. They’re made in France, and are a bit more expensive ($100+), but a good alternative to Hunter.

      I’ve never had problems with brooches on most fabrics, but you have to be careful especially with something like silk. The heavier the brooch, the more likely it is to leave a mark.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    I checked their website and I can’t buy them online. Also, it was extremely hard to find a retailer. I ended up sending a email to the Canadian distribution who gave me the name of a store. I checked the web site but they only carry 3 styles and the colors are limited!


    • Oh, that sucks! Have you looked at eBay? I know it can sometimes be tricky to find a reputable seller, but it may be worth looking into. Also check Amazon (the US site) – some sellers do ship to Canada. That’s about all I can think of 🙁
      Good luck!

    • I’m loving Etsy right now! It’s great for vintage stuff – everything from jewelry to shoes and bags. I am not as sure about the handmade stuff – I don’t know any particular sellers, so I would be iffy on the quality without more assurance. Vintage costume jewelry aside, I don’t like buying anything that isn’t good quality silver, especially for pieces I wear next to my skin (or pierced earrings). But definitely worth taking a look!

  3. There comes a point in life when the cutesy stuff just looks wrong on me.. (like now…) so your vintage stuff is right on.

    • Agreed! Although I find that also have to be careful nowadays not to go too far in the opposite direction and look too “grandma-ish”. In my 20s, I could wear even the dowdiest thing and still look cute; now, if it’s vintage, it has to still look classic (clean lines, nothing too fussy) otherwise I WILL end up looking dowdy.

      Any good vintage/thrift stores where you are?

  4. As you know, I don’t wear jewellery, whether it’s real or the bijouterie. It took me years to convince my husband that the Audrey’s books is a way better place to shop for me than any jewellery or designer store will ever be.
    But, I LOVE brooches. They are my weakness. What I condemn in rings, earrings and tiaras I fully make up in my obsession with brooches, vintage or not. Yet, I won’t necessarily wear them, but I love to see them, own them, look at them (I don’t sound crazy at all, right).
    I love your purchases. My favorite is the green, vintage piece from the e-Bay. Very beautiful!

    • I knew you would appreciate my haul! I’m a brooch lady too (in addition to being a bag-and-shoes lady), and sometimes I love just looking at them in my display case. So I know what you mean!

      The green brooch is definitely one of my faves, although it’s such a statement piece that it’s a bit tougher to wear day-to-day. I’ll have to find some excuses to wear it soon, though.