Chanel Taboo is the only polish released in May as part of Chanel’s Collection Revélation. I have no idea whether this is a spring or summer collection, since Chanel has already released one of each this year. Not that it matters: Taboo is simply amazeballs (to borrow the word of one of my dear polish pals). It’s definitely up there with Azure and Bel-Argus in my personal Top 10 favourite Chanel polishes.

Chanel Taboo
Chanel Taboo – natural light

To call it a sparkly purple polish does Chanel Taboo an immense disservice, but let’s start with that. It is a warm-toned purple packed with pink and purple micro-glitter, as well as reddish micro-shimmer, that makes your nails look like they are adorned with sparkly amethysts. Whew – how’s that for a description?

Chanel Taboo
Chanel Taboo – shade

Application is flawless; there were no bald spots after one coat, and enough coverage that one could easily get away with no more. However, to get the full effect of Taboo, I recommend a second coat; it adds depth and richness to the colour.

Chanel Taboo
Chanel Taboo – sunlight (excuse the blurriness, it shows off the glitter)

The finish is perfectly smooth, notwithstanding the glitter. Because it’s hyper-pigmented, the polish does stain a bit on removal; although I don’t have to worry about this (because of my gel nails), I would use a base coat with Taboo to protect against any nail bed staining as well.

Chanel Taboo
Chanel Taboo – camera flash

For my inspired outfit, I wanted to pick something that would serve as a show-case for Taboo. I love purple-yellow combos but, unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of yellow in my wardrobe; even more tragically, my wardrobe is more limited now than ever. The closest thing I could find (and still fit) was this Taylor dress  from Winners.

Chanel Taboo
Dress, Taylor; shoes, Nine West; earrings, vintage

[The photos were taken more than a month ago, in case you’re wondering about the disappearing bump act.]

I think this is actually a fun maternity outfit. The silhouette of the dress is sack-like (which is why I normally always wear it belted) but it kinda works with my current shape. The print and short hemline make it less dowdy than it would otherwise be; paired with sky-high heels, it’s actually – dare I say it? – rather sexy. A pregnant woman dressing to look (and feel) sexy? Call it a challenge to an old, ahem, social taboo.

Chanel Taboo
Vintage watermelon rivoli clip-on earrings

Of course, this is not really office-appropriate wear, but it’s great for a summer night out.

Chanel Taboo
Obligatory side view

What do you think of Chanel Taboo?

2 Comments on Manicure of the Week: Chanel Taboo

  1. It looks incredibly rich. I love how have you put it together with a summer-y outfit – très chic.