Saturday, June 1, 2013: shopping

remix challenge
Blazer, Ralph Lauren (consignment); blouse, American Apparel (consignment); jeans, maternity; tank top, J. Crew Factory; necklace, J. Crew Factory; bag, Coach (vintage); shoes, Ferragamo (vintage)

We have been hard at work on decorating Luka’s new bedroom, and ended up doing a lot of running around at various baby/kids’ stores. The “holy grail” this time? Magnetic letters and numbers – you wouldn’t think they would be hard to find, but they are. Our efforts paid off though, because Luka adores his new set, and is starting to learn both his ABCs and numbers.

This outfit is a little dressy for weekend errands, but I felt the need to up my game for a change. Recently, I dug out this linen Ralph Lauren blazer from the back of my closet, and decided it was time to evaluate whether to keep it or purge it. The only way to do that: try it out. The verdit: not sure yet. To be continued …

Monday, June 3, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Nougat (gift)l cardigan, Banana Republic Factory; necklace, J. Crew Factory; tank top, J. Crew Factory; shoes, J. Crew (consignment); bag, Marc Jacobs (consignment)

This is a slightly different take on a previous outfit. The longer the Remix Challenge goes on, the more this is becoming the norm – especially as I do try to keep my new consumption fairly minimal, and my wardrobe shrinks as my waistline expands. Still, for most of us (and the general non-blogging population), this represents the norm: trying to find new and fun ways to wear the same old, same old.

This time, I wanted to avoid black accessories (shoes, jacket, etc.) because it would feel too somber with such a summery dress. Luckily, my blue J. Crew Everly pumps work perfectly with the colour of the dress pattern. They are not actually the same – the dress leans more purple/navy blue than cobalt, but the eye is tricked into seeing them as being closer than they are.

remix challenge
Nail polish: Chanel Bel Argus

Instead of a black bag, I went with a cream one; cream bags are under-appreciated, I find. They accessorize very well, and are a great neutral alternative to black. Depending on the leather/material, they are not any harder to care for or keep clean than other colours. I would recommend staying away from patent leather or suede/nubuck, or anything else that scuffs easily; personally, I have never had any problems with staining or colour transfer on my Marc Jacobs hobo bag, which is made out of fairly sturdy (but not stiff) calf leather.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013: work

remix challenge
Pants, maternity; sweater, Old Navy; shoes, Steve Madden

Another new take on a previous outfit; and by “new”, I mean that the pants and shoes are new. I love mixing this polka dot pattern with leopard print (separate by a solid neutral, in this case the black pants) – it’s about as adventurous as I feel I can push it at the office.

On the downside, I am experiencing a lot more swelling with this pregnancy, which means that these shoes are now officially too small and too tight. Because they are a cheaper/disposable pair (ahem, Steve Madden) and not made out of leather, they have very little give; I think this explains why I am having so much more trouble with them than with any of my other pairs of shoes. I am planning to send them to consignment, and focus on finding a better quality pair of leopard print shoes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Joe Fresh (gift); cardigan, J. Crew (second-hand); bag, Coach (vintage); shoes, Prada; earrings, vintage

I got this dress from my mom, who didn’t like wearing it anymore. I also rarely wore it, except during my last pregnancy; the fit is a bit weird on my body type, resulting in a belly pouch – perfect for maternity wear, not so perfect for anything else. Needless to say, I really like the floral print … but this is still going into my purge pile come September.

Thursday, June 6, 2013: work

remix challenge
Pants, maternity; blouse, I.N.C. (consignment); cardigan, Winners; shoes, Kenneth Cole (thrifted); brooch, vintage; bag, Coach (vintage)

Second “pants day” of the week. Enough said. Sparky accessories though.

remix challenge
Nail polish: A England Rose Briar

Friday, June 7, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Nine West; leggings, maternity; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Louis Vuitton (second-hand)

Rather than jeans, I decided to wear leggings again with a dress. Although this isn’t normally short enough to qualify as a “tunic” in my books, the extra weight upfront is definitely shortening it now – so much so that I would not feel it’s appropriate to wear to work without more coverage on my legs. Still, for a casual Friday, I do think leggings can be deployed appropriately. Always with flats!


11 Comments on Remix Challenge: week 38

  1. I absolutely love your new take on the summery blue dress – its my favourite outfit of the week. And the brooch from Thursday’s outfit is gorgeous!

    • It’s funny … that dress seems to be a readers’ favourite. I didn’t really expect that! I was THIS close to purging it last summer. I’m going to start calling it the “little dress that could”, LOL!

  2. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are my favourites. I love the blue of Monday – especially the shoes! I love the colour of Wednesday, and I like the classic black & white and print on Thursday.

    Hmmmm…..this probably explains why my closet is a mishmash of a million different colours and styles!

    • Hahaha, tell me about it! My closet’s the same 🙂 The key is to put it all together in such a way that it still looks like “you” in the end.

  3. It’s hard to pick a favorite outfit this week, I like them all!!
    Who would’ve thought that polka dots a leopard print are such a nice mix. Also the Monday and Wednesday outfits are so colorful and joyful! Sometimes I see some Joe Fresh garments that I like, but then the fabric is tough or cheap. I can’t buy it 🙂
    Thrusday, you look so elegant and Saturday and Friday you look so comfy
    I also like how you accessorize; love it!

    • I used to be a big fan of Joe Fresh, and I think their quality used to be WAY better. Most of my Joe clothes are a few seasons old at least. I was disappointed by their involvement/response to the Bangladesh clothing factory disaster, so I am trying to limit my purchases going forward; at most, I will only buy stuff second-hand from now on.

      Accessorizing is such an easy way to make an outfit feel fresh and fun! It’s especially useful now, because I’m limited to a smaller wardrobe, and it’s easier to get bored wearing the same pieces all the time – accessories give me something to play with. Plus, they colourful and/or sparkly!!

  4. I really love that dress from Monday. I find myself looking for it in the new posts (I’m sure that’s not creepy at all).
    Also, the Friday dress, or rather the dress/leggings combo is really beautiful.

    • Hahaha!! I’ll have to wear it more often for you 😉
      Honestly, with every week that goes by, my wardrobe is shrinking … by the end of the summer, I’m pretty sure there will be at least one week of Remix Challenge consisting solely of the same dress, over and over and over …

      • Well, as long as you make it that one … and you have lunch with me every day that week … 🙂