… on the other side of the long-versus-short hair debate. I always seem to be either waiting for my hair to grow, or just dying to cut it short.

Gallery of haircuts

How do you cope with the hair dilemma? And do you think I have any hope of success if I promise myself I will never chop off all my hair again … this time?

12 Comments on The grass is always greener …

  1. Your Feb 2008 and your July 2010 wedding look are my favourites.

    Slightly longer hair is hard to keep when it keeps biting at your neck. It’s why I don’t bother cutting it shorter than my collarbones, I know I’ll get annoyed. I’d LOVE to get my hair cut shorter but.. I know I can’t maintain it.

    • I’m kind of that way with really long hair – I just can’t maintain it, as much as I would love to have it. The problem is that I overestimate how much I’m going to love (and want to keep) a particular length, so I always seem to end up doing this yo-yo – long(er), short(er), long(er), short(er).

      Maybe it’s time to go back to colouring my hair instead as a mode of expression, LOL!

  2. Who knew you’d been through so many hairstyles? And they all look fantastic! Seriously! I love August 2009 and May 2012. For me, there is no hair dilemna, since I don’t like my hair long. The angled bob is the style that works for me, so I just stick with it . . . a little boring, eh? I admire your daring to try all these different styles.

    • See, I admire people that stick with a style that works for them – they end up looking so classic, you know? It’s part of their style persona, and it makes a stronger statement. ( As long as we’re not talking about a she-mullet, LOL!) I feel like I don’t truly have a hair “style” per se.

  3. I think you look amazing with short and long hair. It’s awesome you can do both. I look like a cabbage patch kid with short hair so there has never been a really big dilema for me! Lol. I say don’t make any promises and keep changing it up!

    • yes … but … but … then I will always be wanting to change it, and driving my hairstylist crazy with my whining about my hair. Yeah, I’m THAT girl, LOL!

  4. I like very much how your hair looked on Feb. 2008, Dec. 2008, and July 2010.

    I always wear it long, I don’t like doing anything to my hair (straighten it, curly it, dye it, etc.), so I just wear it long, in a pony tail, braided, hair pins, … My hair gets very staticky, so the shorter the worst!

    Also, when I was in elementary school my mother brought me to cut my hair with my brother, and he got us the same hair cut!!! (WTF). Needless to say, I was teased at school and my friends still remember it! I’m still traumatised thinking bout having short hair.

    Although I’m not a fan of short short hair, I have to say that you look nice wheather you have long, short or short short hair!

    I guess that with the busy schedule you probable have, having short hair makes it easier (i’m assuming is low maintenance).

    • Believe me, I have had some traumatic haircuts myself! My grandmother used to cut my hair when I was little, so I had a bowl cut with wavy (as in uneven) bangs. I’ll have to dig up a picture, just for laughs. And then there was the time I got an old-fashioned, tight perm … ahh, the good old days!

      But, yeah, I love short hair because it looks so chic (to me, usually on other people) and because it’s “no fuss, no muss”. I haven’t used hair products, except for shampoo & conditioner, in 2 years. I do straighten my hair now that it’s bob length, though, so that adds about 10 minutes to my routine every time I wash it (twice a week usually).

      I also love how long hair looks … mostly on other people, LOL! My hair is very fine, so it tends to fall flat when it’s long. I hate having to spend time styling it!

  5. I’m really enjoying longer hair – it needs a trim, but I like to experiment putting it up. I do like the short hair on you though – you can work it!

  6. I’m partial to the wavy hair and the Nov 2011 crop (can’t help it, Luka’s too cute). For wavy hair = more home maintenance? And short hair, snip snip at salon, easy to wash and maintain