Saturday, June 22, 2013: backyard BBQ

remix challenge
Dress, Joe Fresh; trench, The Gap; shoes, Taryn Rose; bag, Longchamps

A couple of our close friends hosted a small BBQ, so we let Luka run amok after their poor unsuspecting puppy, and we kicked back with some yummy food. I figured I would give this Joe Fresh dress another wear before I outgrow it, but I didn’t anticipate an impromptu playground trip with the kids. Well, I’m more of an indoors person anyway.

remix challenge
Manicure: coloured gel nails

Monday, June 24, 2013: work

remix challenge
Pants, maternity; blouse, American Apparel (consignment); sweater, J. Crew Factory Outlet; necklace, J. Crew Factory Outlet; shoes, Ferragamo; bag, Louis Vuitton (consignment)

I decided to get “pants day” out of the way early this week. Plus, this outfit is a whole lotta black, so it’s appropriate for a Monday – or, more specifically, my typical mood on a Monday. It’s a little bit buttoned up, a little bit undone; overall, appropriate for a not super-conservative professional office. Turquoise accent punch things up a notch.

remix challenge
Manicure: Dior St. Tropez

Tuesday, June 25, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, BCBG (consignment); cardigan, J. Crew Factory Outlet; necklace, Swarovski; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Coach (vintage)

A second take on my BCBG leopard print muumuu. This time, I reversed the colour polarity in my accessories, with a blue cardigan and black shoes (versus a black blazer and blue shoes last time). Still loving this dress – and the comfort factor!

remix challenge
Swarovski ring

Wednesday, June 26, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Calvin Klein; jacket, Tristan (consignment); shoes, Ellen Tracy; bag, Coach (vintage)

I wanted to wear this favourite Calvin Klein dress at least one more time, come hell or high water (or fast expanding waistline in this case). This makes for take #3 or 4 in the Remix Challenge, which might be a record. It’s also proof that prints can be versatile and lend themselves to being accessorized in a variety of ways. If you wondering about my weird posture, let’s just say that I was trying not to get caught “red-handed”, as it were … with evidence of a trip to Timmies. Ah, the siren call of timbits in the afternoon!

Thursday, June 27, 2013: work
remix challenge
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg (borrowed); tank, J. Crew Factory; necklace, Swarovski; shoes, Ferragamo (vintage); bag, Louis Vuitton (consignment)
I borrowed this DvF wrap dress again from my mom, but underestimated my new circumferences – it was a tight fit! In case you still needed it, here is more proof of the versatility of wrap dresses. Below is an old photo of me wearing the same dress 3 years and a good 35 pounds ago.
remix challenge
Dress, DvF; bag, Arcadia; shoes, Stuart Weitzman
Here is a close-up of my manicure, Chanel Distraction. Expect a review soon; I got a few compliments on it, including from one of my (male) bosses at work. And they say that men don’t notice these things!
remix challenge
Manicure: Chanel Distraction
Friday, June 28, 2013: work
remix challenge
Skirt, Joe Fresh (thrifted); tank, J. Crew Factory; jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Outlet; necklace, Banana Republic; shoes, Tory Burch (consignment); bag, Mulberry (second hand)
Instead of the usual jeans, I decided to switch things up and wear my jean jacket instead. You are probably getting heartily tired of seeing it, week in week out, but it’s such a useful staple. I’m definitely glad I invested the money in it – my summer wardrobe wouldn’t be the same without it. The skirt-necklace combo was my attempt at whimsy: the cream polka dots against the navy background finding their polarity in the navy round beads of the necklace against the cream tank top.
remix challenge
Manicure: A England Tristam
Happy Canada Day!!

2 Comments on Remix Challenge: week 41

  1. Another fabulous week!

    I think you look specially lovely on Sunday. The turquoise accents really make the outfit look sharp and interesting.

    Also, I’m surprised at how versatile your Thursday’s dress can be!