Friday, June 28, 2013: dinner a deux

remix challenge
Dress, Mexx (thrift); jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Outlet; sandals, consignment; earrings, Winners; sunglasses, Gucci

Ok, I’ll admit, this was kind of a lazy outfit. In my defence, we were looking for a relaxing evening not necessarily a romantic one. With temperatures already climbing in the high 20s, comfort definitely trumped romance this time.

Saturday, June 29, 2013: family outing on Whyte Ave + dinner

remix challenge
Dress, J. Crew (consignment); necklace, J. Crew Factory; sandals, consignment; bag, Coach vintage; sunglasses, Gucci (via Winners)

I made a little bit more of an effort on Saturday, when the whole family spent the afternoon on Whyte Avenue. Naturally, the excursion involved a pit stop at Block 1912 for a much-needed gelato break. I also paid a visit to Red Pony, one of my regular consignment haunts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must – they often get some real gems, always very reasonably priced. The back room contains all the clearance stuff, 50% off. I also stopped in to C’Est Cera, who is having its 50-60-70% off sale; if you’re looking for Sweet Chemise dresses (and you should definitely check them out), this is a good place to start.

I may have dallied a little too long, because I just missed out on a visit to my friend Jenni, who works at The Eye Care Group (alas, only open till 5 on Saturdays). Since I’ve been pondering updating my sunglasses collection – currently consisting of one pair of Guccis I found for $12 at Winners – with a new pair of Ray-Bans, it’s probably for the better that I didn’t make it to the store on time … temptation averted for now. Sadly, we also missed out on dinner at The Upper Crust, which was inexplicably closed. Tired and hungry, we retreated to the south side and a Boston Pizza dinner. Win some, lose some.

remix challenge
I need one of these in my house – the perfect backdrop

Tuesday, July 2, 2013: work

remix challenge
Dress, Max Studio; tank, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Jules + Jim (consignment); bag, Marc Jacobs (consignment)

I’ve had this dress forever, and it’s been sitting in my “purge” pile for the better part of 2 years; it’s too large (normally) and doesn’t do much for my (usual) figure. It’s great maternity wear, though, which is why it’s stuck around. I’ll admit it, I had bigger plans for this outfit, but the heatwave put an end to them. Even in an air-conditioned office, there was no way I could bear wearing anything else (like a jacket).

remix challenge
Manicure: Chanel Coromandel, accent nail OPI Smitten with Mittens

Wednesday, July 3, 2013: work

 remix challenge

Pants, maternity; t-shirt, Liz Lange for Target maternity; cardigan, J. Crew (consignment); shoes, Kenneth Cole (thrift); bag, Arcadia

It was pants day at the office … yawn. But it was also my husband’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary, and I got something very pretty and shiny to play with:

remix challenge
Swarovski bangle

I added an extra bit of sparkle with my vintage watermelon rhinestone earrings.

remix challenge
Vintage earrings

Thursday, July 4, 2013: work

remix challenge
Skirt, Joe Fresh (consignment); blouse, RACHEL Rachel Roy (consignment); shoes, J. Crew (consignment); pearls, vintage (gift); bag, Chanel (consignment)

One more time, with feeling! I think this polka dot skirt has done its tour of duty in the maternity wardrobe, and it’s time to retire it. But not before I pair it with my favourite colour of the moment – cobalt/lapis blue. This was my personal favourite outfit of the last few weeks.

remix challenge
Love it from every angle, even the extra-wide one!

Friday, July 5, 2013: work

remix challenge
Jeans, maternity; top, Jacob Connexion (consignment); cardigan, Winners; shoes, Bloch; necklace, vintage (gift); bag, Chanel (consignment)

Skinny jeans + a long cardigan are such an easy, breezy, comfortable combo. This is especially true in the summer, when I can’t stand wearing blazers (too hot and constricting). A long necklace matches the casual vibe, while still dressing up the outfit.

remix challenge
Manicure: A England Lade of the Lake
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