I tried to be less spend-y this month, I really did. Whether I succeeded … well, I will leave that up to you to decide. I made over $75 from one of two consignment drop-offs, which covered my thrift shopping this month (seen here) and then some. Well, a little bit of the rest, anyway – as you can see, I was busy on eBay again this month.

Swarovski Lea Rings ($80, including shipping and customs, eBay)

what i bought
Swarovski Lea rings (made in China) – originally $80

I remember eyeing this duo when it was available on the Swarovski website, but never pulling the trigger … and then regretting it. I am crazy about Swarovski jewelry, especially their rings. I’ve been wanting an emerald coloured ring for a while now, and have considered different vintage options on Etsy and eBay, but none of the pieces I found had the timeless, simple elegance of my favourite Swarovski rings. So, in the end, I went and hunted the original. With shipping and customs, it cost about the same as retail; perhaps not the greatest deal, but I love them!

Ferragamo Vara/Lillaz flats ($87, including shipping, eBay)

what i bought
Vintage Ferragamo (made in Italy) – current style $450

Ok, I admit it: I am addicted. After trying on my first pair of Ferragamos (see last month’s update), I knew I had to have more – I don’t care if I wear nothing but! First up: a pair in dark brown, faux croc. To even out the score, I decided to purge (via consignment) not one but three pairs of shoes, including a Stuart Weitzman one – the old favourite making room for the new.

what i bought
Vara or Lillaz? Still not sure …

I have promised myself to stop buying more Varas – for the time being – but I am definitely keeping my eye out for good deals on the other colours I want (nude/beige, oxblood, cognac, navy … the list goes on and on!).

J. Crew merino wool cardigan ($62 including shipping, eBay)

what i bought
J. Crew cardigan (made in China) – originally $88

I’ve written before about how difficult it can be to find the perfect cardigan. Once I started shopping on eBay, I realized that the answer was in my closet all along: why not buy what you know works? One of my favourite cardigans (bought off Kijiji a couple of years ago) is a moss-green J. Crew cardigan that originally came out in 2010 or thereabouts. I have never come across it in consignment stores and, needless to say, doing so would be like finding a needle in a haystack – few people were buying J. Crew locally 2-3 years ago. On eBay, though, a quick search for “J. Crew ruffle cardigan” brought up a searchable list of examples (under 300), which included 3 versions of my cardigan. Problem solved!

The downside was cost. After shipping charges, the cardigan was (likely) more expensive than if bought locally second-hand; as a comparison, I paid something like $30 or $40 for my original one (the retail price tag was $88). Still, not a terrible price to pay for a cardigan that meets all of my nit-picky criteria and has been proven to stand the test of time in my own closet.

J. Crew Factory belt ($17)

what i bought
J. Crew Factory belt (made in Vietnam) – originally $30?

Impulse buy time! I don’t really have much use for belts right now, but I couldn’t resist the colour of this one. It will be a great accessory for next year, though – it’s a lovely accent colour.

J. Crew cotton top ($26)

what i bought
J. Crew stripes & florals top (made in China) – originally $58

Another sort-of impulse buy. Not something I absolutely need at the moment, but it will likely replace my beloved Anthropologie stripes-and-florals T-shirt.

what i bought
Anthropologie top

The latter is not super old, but hasn’t stood up to wear very well; there is a lot of colour transfer, especially around the arms. Consider it a brand lesson learned. Anyway, back to this J. Crew version – the pattern is cute and quirky, and the colours (blue and red) will work fabulously with pieces in my wardrobe.

what i bought
J. Crew top – close-up

J. Crew ruffle blouses ($18 each, Red Pony Consignment)

what i bought
J. Crew blouse #1 (made in China) – originally $88?

More closet staples for next year. I’m planning a bit of an overhaul of my office wardrobe in 2014, and one area that will see a bit of turnover is the shirt/blouse section.

what i bought
J. Crew blouse #2 (made in China) – originally $88

RACHEL Rachel Roy floral top ($20, Red Pony Consignment)

what i bought
RACHEL Rachel Roy blouse (made in China) – original price $128

Did I mention I’ve been craving florals? In my defence, this top (size XL) is actually a maternity wardrobe addition – I’m running out of tops that are long enough to cover my bump. I do really love the print, though, so we’ll see what happens to it come September.

And that’s a wrap!

9 Comments on What I Bought: June

  1. I don’t really recall, but it seams to me that maybe you bought less items on June but ended up costing almost the same?

    I like the shoes a lot. I’m always afraid to buy shoes online because of the size. I find that the same size varies depending on the brand name (the same as with clothes). Do you have any tips? I know that usually there is a sizing chart, but if the shoes are narrow or wide, pointy or not, the same size doesn’t fit the same.

    The flower and stripe blouses are nice too.

    • I agree. I generally wouldn’t buy shoes online unless I already tried on the specific style/size in real life. One exception is Nine West; I have always been a size 8.5 there, no matter what.

      With Ferragamos, a lot of sellers will provide not just the size, but actual measurements (length and width) and this helps a lot. Just take a shoe that you have and that fits well, and measure it. You can then compare. I have found that, for Ferragamo shoes like Vara or Lillaz, you can go up a size to compensate for a narrower fit and still be ok. For example, I am a true size 9B (medium width); but the pairs I bought are 10 AA (narrow) and 10.5 AAAA (very narrow). They both fit very well. Basically a 9B and 10.5AAAA have almost identical widths, and the length difference is not so great as to make an impact on fit. That’s been my experience, anyway.

  2. Nice looking pieces – I see a ruffle theme happening! How are you planning to overhaul your office wardrobe in 2014 – or is that the subject of another post?

    • Unintentional, I assure you. I guess I may be unconsciously trying to balance my addiction to florals by getting more solid colour pieces. The ruffles just add a different kind of visual interest.

      By overhaul, I mean letting go of things that seem “tired” to me. I find that prints in particular can start to feel that way after a few years. I’ll also be letting go of pieces that no longer fit – and I expect a few casualties there. So, basically, I don’t have a master-plan; I’m just looking for a bit of change 🙂 Because this is driven by whim, not need, I’m trying to go about it in as thrifty a way as possible. Generally, I’m hoping to replace things with equal or better quality items, mostly buying second-hand whenever possible.

  3. Your blog is never boring!
    I like the fact that things are changing, willing to try new things and sharing tips with us ladies that we too, may find these little joys in our lives (or for me, it’s just a big joy to wear something other than my LBD).

    • Thanks M, that means a lot! Especially on the days when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut – it happens to us all!
      Funny, I actually miss having a LBD these days; I realized that all of my maternity dresses (minus the black maxi dress) are colourful. Grass is always greener … LOL!