Wherein I bid adieu to the Remix Challenge…

It’s been a fun ride, hasn’t it?

I probably should have ended the Remix Challenge last week, but I like round numbers. I also decided it would be fun to do exactly what I “threatened” a while back: have an entire week of outfits based on the same piece of clothing – to wit, my grey maxi dress. Hey, it still fits at least!

Sunday, August 25, 2013: baby shower

remix challenge
Dress, Winners; top, Nougat (consignment)

A couple of my dear friends threw me a baby shower on Sunday, where I got to enjoy some much-needed “girl time”, not to mention delicious goodies from Duchess Bakery and Crave Cupcakes. Baby names (of the celebrity and non variety) were a hot topic, but I managed to resist the urge to spill the beans on baby J’s future moniker. Only 2 more weeks to keep a secret …

Monday, August 26, 2013: thrifting

remix challenge
Dress, Winners; jacket, Joe Fresh (consignment); shoes, Taryn Rose; necklace, Tiffany

My first day of official holidays (before the actual maternity leave kicks in next week) was a rainy one … of course. So I threw on a jacket to go a-thrifting with my mom and Luka. Value Village happened to have a “50% off everything” sale, which meant the crowds were crazy – even at 9 in the morning. Naturally, as luck would have it, I found absolutely nothing. Ditto at Goodwill, which also seems to have jacked up its prices on certain things. Hmmm…

remix challenge
Manicure: Chanel Bel Argus

Tuesday, August 27, 2013: errands

remix challenge
Dress, Winners; jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Factory; scarf, Winners; shoes, Ferragamo

A simple dress + scarf combo, livened up by a purple/aqua colour scheme.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013: more errands

remix challenge
Dress, Winners; shirt, consignment; necklace, Tiffany; shoes, Gossip; bag, Coach (vintage)

This was my lame attempt at looking somewhat stylish at this late stage of pregnancy. A pop of red always helps, right?

Thursday, August 29, 2013: doctor’s appointment & shopping

remix challenge
Dress, Winners; cardigan, J. Crew (consignment); necklace, Banana Republic; shoes, Stuart Weitzman

Are you bored yet?

remix challenge
Manicure: Miami Peach

Seriously though, a simple, plain, solid colour dress in a neutral of your choice (I’m personally partial to black or grey) will always serve you well. A friend of mine is planning to wear a black dress (the same one) for a month straight – with different accessories each day – and see if people notice. Whether they do or not, I am convinced that she will be able to easily come up with 30 different outfits – and then some.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Have you enjoyed the Remix Challenge? I hope it has inspired you to look at your own wardrobes with a fresh perspective, and have fun dressing every day. Life’s too short to wear the same outfits all the time – even if you do wear the same things time and time again. They’re called “classics” for a reason, after all.

8 Comments on Remix Challenge: week 50

  1. Looking good! You will have to post a tutorial on how to use scarves sometime – that is an area I need help with and I’d like to start wearing more scarves.

    On a sentimental note, I will miss my weekly dose of fashion. You’ve helped me a lot with my wardrobe and style choices, and I am just now starting to feel confident in what I wear and how to put things together. A lot of that should be credited to you. All the best with Baby J!

    • Aww, thank you! That is a lovely compliment 🙂
      But I’m not going MIA just yet. I’ve got tons of posts scheduled, so check back for your weekly dose of BCRL! It’s just the Remix Challenge that’s ending, for now at least.

  2. Amazing!!!
    My main problem is that I always look the same even if I wear different things – You manage to look different and great wearing the same thing for a week!? That, my dear, is called talent!
    By the way, I second Laura’s suggestion for the scarf tutorial.

    • Haha! Thanks, but I’m not sure it’s talent as much as making do out of necessity. Nothing fits anymore… Wah, wah!
      I think I did a scarf tutorial a while back, so feel free to poke around in the archives. I’m not much of an expert on scarves anyway – I usually just wrap them haphazardly hoping not to choke myself in the process 😉

    • Thanks! It’s not my usual style either, but I couldn’t resist the cherry blossom print & embroidery. And to be fair, it looks better normally, not stretched over an enormous baby bump.