Time for another round-up of recent outfits!

At this point, I’m still working on getting used to my post-baby body, which is – ahem! – not quite as I remember. Things definitely fit differently than before, if they fit at all. Since I won’t truly have my body “back” (to myself) until I am done breastfeeding, I’m not too worried about all that right now, but it does make putting a decent outfit together a bit challenging.

what i wore
Trench, Gap; skirt, Winners; sweater, J. Crew; shirt, no label (consignment); boots, Hunter; bag, Tory Burch (second-hand)

One of the things currently missing from my wardrobe is a thicker fall coat; I only have my trench. This means that on colder days, layering is key. These days, that’s made easier by the fact that I wear my nursing tanks practically 24/7. Hello, insta-layer! [As an aside, they are not actually nursing tanks. I bought one of those from Thyme Maternity, and found the quality to be shockingly poor given the price tag – $35 a pop! Instead, on a tip from my sister-in-law, I bought some Kirkland tanks at Costco (2-pack for $15) and they are very similar, function-wise, but far better quality in my opinion. They don’t have the detachable front flap thingie, but still super easy to nurse in. They are also made from Modal, so they are comfortable as heck; I’m not exaggerating when I say that I live in them around the clock.]

what i wore

Still loving my Target bag (and mustard yellow as an accent colour), and I have been pleasantly surprised by how functional it’s proven to be. I wear it a lot! Because of the price, I don’t feel bad about being rough on it – which happens a lot these days given the amount of stuff I have to cart around. I should mention that it is already starting to show some wear, mostly colour transfer on the back where it rubs against my clothes (I think my dark wash skinny jeans are the culprit in this case).

what i wore
Dress, Mexx (thrifted); jacket, Club Monaco (gift); scarf, gift; sweater, Joe Fresh; boots, Ecco; bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

I took a risk and bought this cute headband at Marshalls – is it too juvenile?

what i wore
Headband, Ophelie Hats (Marshalls)

For a girls’ brunch, I decided to bust out my new Elie Tahari blouse – over a “nursing” tank, natch. Did I mention those Kirkland tanks come in a variety of different colours? Very handy for accessorizing.

what i wore
Jeans, iT Jeans (consignment); blouse, Elie Tahari (consignment); jacket, Club Monaco (loan from my mom); shoes, Kenneth Cole (thrifted); bag, Kate Spade (Kijiji)

Still loving my rose gold accessories:

what i wore
Manicure: Chanel Rose Moire

We had glorious weather this Thanksgiving, and I seized the opportunity (the last one this year?) to wear a  dress.

what i wore
Dress, Diane von Furstenberg (consignment); tank, Kirkland; trench, Gap; boots, Sam Edelman; necklace, Tiffany

As you can tell, I had a blast frolicking in my friends’ back yard.

what i wore

This DVF dress is a size 4, which used to fit me just right; as you can tell, it doesn’t exactly do so now. Thank goodness that wrap dresses are ever so accommodating, eh?

what i wore

For my Thanksgiving manicure, I picked the appropriately named (and hued) Holiday:

what i wore
Manicure: Chanel Holiday

And that’s a wrap!


7 Comments on What I Wore

  1. Ahh! The Kirkland Costco tanks are my favorite nursing trick as well. I have a whole drawer full of them. So much better than pricey (and usually ugly) nursing tanks.

  2. I love all the yellow accents – I’m loving yellow too! But then you switched it up to that aqua and purple – I love that too! I saw that headband and thought – hey where can I get that – so it’s definitely not too young.

    • I’ve seen headbands from the same brand at Winners (and now Marshall’s), so you could try there if you’re looking for something similar. I like that it’s not one of those headbands that squeezes too much – no headaches!

      • I’m still meaning to get to Marshall’s – maybe I’ll have a chance to check it out this weekend. I don’t like any headband that squeezes too much either – and some of them feel like they’re just going to creep up my head and pop off! I really like the look of headbands but I feel sometimes like on me they make me look younger. I think I just have to wear it with confidence anyway.

    • Personally, I found the bras uncomfortable. The tanks are so soft and functional too – they do offer support without being too constrictive (a definite no when you’re dealing with breastfeeding and the changes in your boobs).