Month: November 2013

Social Calendar: Pop-Up Store at Coup Boutique

Fellow Edmonton-area bag lovers, get ready for a treat. L Squared Style is bringing an exclusive line of leather bags, Mutsaers, all the way from the Netherlands to Coup Boutique, for a pop-up store on December 6-8. If you are interested in checking out some unique, hand-crafted bags, mark this in your calendar. The Mutsaers company has been in the leather crafting business since the 1960s, and continues to make all of its products in-house at its factory in the De Langstraat region of the Netherlands.

The story of how Lazina Mckenzie, the woman behind L Squared Style, decided to bring Mutsaers bags to Edmonton started with a trip to Europe this past spring. In her own words:

My husband and I were in Croatia and Budapest in May.  On our way home, we spent three glorious days in Amsterdam.  I, of course, wanted a “souvenir” that was unique and Dutch.  This is when I found this lovely leather bag shop that carried various Dutch designers.  This is what I was looking for! After some time perusing their collection of bags, I settled on a briefcase carry-all that could be worn as a backpack. 
 PopUp Poster 4
When I got home, I immediately started using this bag for work.  I sometimes ride my bike downtown to meetings and would have my briefcase with me… as a backpack of course.  I felt very Amsterdam-esque! After many months of getting compliments and inquiries about where this bag could be purchased, I decided it might be a good time to bring these lovely Dutch bags (including other styles too) to Edmonton. How does this tie into my personal philosophy on style? As a style consultant, I always coach people to focus on quality over quantity.  I’d prefer people to not be super-consumers but rather invest in quality basics so you don’t have to buy them for years.

There you have it, peeps: if you want to get a peek, and maybe your hands, on a unique, beautifully made bag – the kind you’re not likely to see anywhere else in Edmonton – Coup Boutique is the place to be next weekend. Bags start at $200 and up, but quantities are limited. For more info, check out L Squared Style.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Weekend Shortlist

Happy (regular Canadian) Friday! Ready to check out my picks for the week?

Gucci Floral Blouse

Weekend shortlist
Gucci Floral Blouse

Y’all know my love of botanical prints, so it should come as no surprise that I am obsessed with this blouse. It seems to come in both white and beige, and I can’t quite decide which I like best.

Weekend shortlist
Gucci Floral Blouse

I think it’s a few seasons old, and (alas!) currently nowhere to be found. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll turn up on eBay one of these days – price be damned!

Ted Baker Jacket

Weekend shortlist
ASOS – Ted Baker

Doing the wardrobe overhaul, I realized that I don’t have many casual jackets. In fact, I have a grand total of 2: my denim jacket and my military/field jacket. This is a situation that will have to be remedied at some point, likely next spring. While it’s not in my budget, I’d love to add this beauty to my closet (or pretty much any other Ted Baker jacket listed on the ASOS website). Like this one:

Weekend shortlist
ASOS – Ted Baker

J. Crew Velvet Skinnies

Weekend shortlist
J. Crew Toothpick Skinnies

This week’s mandatory (kidding, kinda) J. Crew item is this pair of green velvet skinnies. Ok, they would probably look far less fabulous on my frame than the model’s, and the material is probably a bitch to take care of. These are the things I keep telling myself so I don’t pull the trigger and blow $100+ on a pair of velvet pants. Velvet, people.

Boden Pimlico Dress

Weekend shortlist
Boden Pimlico Dress

Saw this on a blog, and fell in love immediately. For some reason, it looks to me like something a character in a quirky British rom-com might wear. Like, can you not see Keira Knightley or even Rachel McAdams wearing this whilst being romanced by a cute guy with a questionable haircut?

Zara Sparkly High Heel Shoe

Weekend shortlist
Zara Sparkly High Heel Shoes

Seriously, that’s what these shoes are called on the Zara website. How original! Anyway, I’ve seen them in person and they’re gorgeous. If I hadn’t already been super-spendy this month, and if they weren’t $90, I would totally buy these for my Christmas party outfit.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s a peek at the contents of my mail box a few weeks ago – gotta love the season!

weekend shortlist
‘Tis the season

Have a great weekend!

Terrible, But Also Kinda Awesome

So, I found this when I was at the grocery store last week:

President's Choice "THe Decadent" chocolate soda
President’s Choice “The Decadent” chocolate-flavoured soda

You know I had to try it, right? Chocolate-flavoured soda? C’mon!

Per my Twitted reaction: “Chocolate-flavoured soda is kind of disgusting. And also kind of awesome. My taste buds are confused. Perhaps if I drink more…”

I drank the whole damn bottle. My taste buds are still confused. But it doesn’t matter. Some things are just meant to be that way. Sometimes the conflict cannot be resolved.

And sometimes it can. Like chocolate-flavoured soda, my DVF tunic was both terrible and awesome. Let me quickly run down its pros and cons:

Pros: 100% silk, cool print, cost a whopping $18. Pretty good, no?

Cons: looks like a schmatta. And done. Here’s a picture of me trying to make it look less schmatta-esque:

DVF tunic – the only good angle

Fail. And here’s another fail:

Meanwhile, back in June …

And, finally, the head-on truth:


I had pretty much decided to send it back to consignment (whence it came), when I started to have second-thoughts. For obvious reasons, it was a hard sell the first time; I originally picked it off the clearance rack, just as it was about to be shipped off for donation. Even if it were to sell again this time, I would probably see a negligible amount of money from it. Was it all worth the effort? Especially when there was, I realized, an alternative. A drastic alternative. Chop chop!

Hello, new lease on life!

Since I have zero sowing skills, I asked my grandma to help me out. She did an awesome job, as always.

Looking goooood!

So now, my DVF tunic blouse is all awesome. Conflict resolved!