Month: December 2013

What I Wore: Christmas Party

Every year, my firm throws a fancy Christmas party at the city’s ritziest hotel, and it’s always an occasion for major dressing up. Picking an outfit is serious business, y’all. I’ve worn black 3 out of 4 years that I’ve attended, but I always agonize over my outfits anyway. This year, I had it all in the bag; I found the perfect dress (yes, it was black – what?) back in the summer, and I had all my accessories ready too.

And then.

I stumbled across this Tibi dress at Winners.

Christmas party Tibi Dress

It’s a wool blend, and forty kinds of odd, but I kinda dig that about it. And it’s ivory. Did I mention that the Christmas party theme this year is Winter Wonderland?

Also, there was this to consider:

Christmas party Tibi Dress
Say whaaaaa?

Yes, a $575 dress ($630 Cdn on Shopbop) marked down to $19. Done and done! (True story: a couple of weeks later, I spotted the same dress again at Winners. This time, it was marked down to $100. Whut? Methinks I lucked into a pricing mistake.)

So my outfit plans went out of the window, and I started again. I added a belt, because the dress was a smidge large in the waist. The rest of my accessories caused me a bit more trouble; I just couldn’t decide. See, over-thinking again! In the end, this is what I picked:

Christmas party Tibi Dress
Dress, Tibi; shoes, Jimmy Choo (via eBay); brooch and clutch, vintage; belt, RW&Co
Christmas party Tibi Dress
Trying to remember my posture
Christmas party Tibi Dress
Earrings, Winners

Not gonna lie: this is a great dress for standing around in. The view when sitting down ain’t so pretty, thanks to that weird peplum/front vent combo. Luckily I had the dinner table to hide behind. I’m not sure if I will ever have an occasion or reason to wear this dress again, but it was perfect for this particular party – the right dress, and the right time, and the right cost.

Christmas party Tibi Dress
The potted plant stance
Christmas party Tibi Dress
One last look

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Weekend Shortlist

Happy Friday-before-the-holidays, you guys! I’m taking next week off to work on expanding my waistline a little more. Just kidding. Kinda. There will be lots of eating, I won’t lie. And general merry-making. My son is super pumped about Christmas for the first time, and it’s my daughter’s first one so … well, it’s an exciting time at our house right now. Anyway,  in light of the upcoming festivities, I decided to give this week’s shortlist a timely theme: New Year’s Eve party attire. Realistically, I will most likely be in bed by 9 pm on the big day (or 10, or 11, if the baby so decides), but that doesn’t mean I can’t day-dream about a year when that won’t be the case, and an awesome outfit to go with it.

The Dress

weekend shortlist
Leifsdottir Starlit Striped Dress

Because when are you going to wear sequins and a big, puffy skirt if not on NYE?

The Belt

weekend shortlist
Dolce & Gabbana Belt

The dress is practically crying for a belt, no? Just me? Well, belt it is.

The Shoes

weekend shortlist
J. Crew Bow Ankle Strap Pumps

Bows, because of course.

The Bag

weekend shortlist
Valentino Lacca Clutch

More bows. Also, this may be a good time to mention that this shortlist assumes money is no object. Hmm, I probably should have said that upfront.

The Earrings

weekend shortlist
J. Crew Riviera Earrings

A statement necklace would be a bit much with everything else going on, but statement earrings – yes, please!

The Coat

weekend shortlist
Kate Spade Patrice Coat

You need a coat, because it’s the middle of winter. You need this coat because it’s gorgeous. Does it work with the rest of the outfit? Who cares? Guys, it twirls!

Sigh. Some day, I will twirl again on New Year’s Eve.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!!

One Item Three Ways: Adriano Goldschmied Skinny Cords (part 2)

In my previous post, I paired my tan AG skinny cords with a variety of blues; this time, I’m pairing them with colours at the warm end of the spectrum. Tan (or camel) is, for me, an underrated neutral; I rarely wear it, and have very few pieces in this colour in my closet. Doing these 1 x 3 posts has convinced me that I need to rectify this situation. Like, yesterday. First up: I’m looking for a wool or wool blend skirt (preferably in a relaxed/casual style). I had my eye on the J. Crew Factory pleated mini, but the fit proved to be terrible on me. If you have any recommendations, shoot them at me.

Anyway, here are my (second set of) takes on the tan skinny cords:

Take One: blush pink + burgundy

one item 3 ways
Essie Toggle To The Top

I was inspired by this polish from Essie’s 2013 winter collection. In look and texture it reminds me of raspberry jam. The formula is thick, and the glitter pretty chunky, so it will eat up a ton of top coat. In a semi-related tangent, y’all have to check out the President’s Choice Black Label BC Raspberry Jam – it’s a-mah-zing! On par with the jam they serve at Upper Crust, which according to moi (jam aficionado), is the best in the City.

one item 3 ways
Blouse, Simons; cardigan, J. Crew (via eBay); belt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Prada

I love all the pink tones going on here. And the bows. And the ruffles.

one item 3 ways
Bracelets, Swarovski; rings, Old Navy & Cartier
one item 3 ways
Bag, Louis Vuitton (via consignment)

Take Two: magenta + olive green

one item 3 ways
Chanel May

Can you believe that this is the only honest-to-goodness pink polish in my 200+ collection?

one item 3 ways
Shirt, Old Navy; T-shirt, H&M; bag, Coach (vintage); shoes, Tory Burch (via Kijiji)

You’ll have to take my word for it that this shirt is actually more pinkish magenta than purple in real life. Honest.

one item 3 ways
Watch, Emporio Armani; bracelet, Tiffany
one item 3 ways
Check me out checking out my feet

Take Three: (more) burgundy + florals

one item 3 ways
Essie Sable Collar

How awesome is this Essie polish? Perfect for fall/winter colours.

one item 3 ways
With camera flash

Still loving burgundy … and I swear this sweater is a true burgundy. It photographs so weird, though.

one item 3 ways
Sweater, J. Crew Factory; short, Tilley (thrifted); necklace, Old Navy; shoes, J, Crew Factory

This Tilley shirt was a totally random thrift store find, but it reminds me of the Liberty print shirt from J. Crew, which are approximately 50 times the price.

one item 3 ways
Rings, vintage/consignment and Cartier

one item 3 ways

I promise I’ll be back with a 1 x 3 post that feature something – anything – other than these pants!