Nouvelle Vague is one of the most sought after Chanel polishes of the past 5 years. Released as part of the 2010 Les Pop-Up de Chanel collection, Nouvelle Vague quickly attained something of a cult status. Needless to say, it’s long sold out and nearly impossible to find anywhere but eBay – at outrageous prices. I was lucky to find one for sale through a Facebook polish group after nearly two years of lusting for it. Was it worth the wait? Oh yeah!

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Chanel Nouvelle Vague (camera flash)

This is, hands-down, the best “Tiffany blue” polish out there. The formula is fantastic; on the nail, Nouvelle Vague has none of that chalkiness that many light blue polishes of this type can have. It’s soft and yet intense at the same time. My aptitude for colour descriptions is terrible, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Chanel Nouvelle Vague (natural light)

Application is excellent; I did the usual two coats and had no issues. I also had great wear with Nouvelle Vague, which came in handy because this was one polish I was in no rush to take off.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Chanel Nouvelle Vague (low light)

For my inspired outfit, I went with the Tiffany allusion, and picked an outfit that made me feel as though I could feasibly star in an Audrey Hepburn movie. As an extra in a crowd scene, perhaps, but you get the idea.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Dress, Isaac Mizrahi for Target (via eBay); shoes, Lauren Ralph Lauren; pearls, gift

I adore the silhouette and details of this dress. Check out the back:

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
A dress with a view

My mom -slash-photographer for these shots pooh-pooh-ed my outfit/polish combo, saying that the latter was too edgy of a colour for such a classic dress. I agree to some extent; red nails would have been a more traditional choice. But. Tiffany blue is a kind of classic too; besides, with an outfit this simple, you can probably pick almost any nail polish your heart desires.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Bracelet, Swarovski
Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Earrings, gift (from Austria)

Funny story about the earrings: my parents went back to the Old Country for a visit in 2010, and on the way back enjoyed a quick side trip to Vienna. I was getting married a few weeks later, and my mom bought these earrings for me as a sort of engagement/wedding gift. Ok, that’s not so much funny as sweet. The funny part is that she bought them at a museum gift shop; they are inspired by the hair jewels worn by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria in one of her most famous portraits. And a funny coincidence: one of my earliest memories is of watching the Sissi movies (starring Romy Schneider), based on the life of Elisabeth.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Chanel Nouvelle Vague
NOT the Empress Elizabeth

What do you think of Chanel Nouvelle Vague?

10 Comments on Manicure of the Week: Chanel Nouvelle Vague

  1. Love the outfit and Love the reference to Empress Elisabeth! Those Winterhalter portraits of her are just divine. But since a big poufy dress like that would be impractical, I think I’ll stick with your sleekly gorgeous black version.

    • Her life was so interesting! When I was looking up the portrait, I got sucked into a Wikipedia vortex – made me wish there was a good bio out there. You wouldn’t happen to have come across one?

      • Yes I have! I had to do some googling because the only thing I remember about the cover is that it’s one of those Winterhalter portraits. I’m pretty sure it’s “The Lonely Empress” by Joan Haslip. It appears to be not in the library, but I’m sure I’ve read it there before. Good luck!

  2. You waited for two years?! You are a true collector!

    I love everything about your outfit and you look so beautiful.

    • Thank you! when it comes to my Chanels, I’m prepared to wait; I can’t afford the alternative, which would be eBay. But yep, I’m a little crazy 😉

    • Thank you! I believe that China Glaze For Audrey is a fairly good dupe for Tiffany blue, and is itself considered a classic. It’s been around for ages, but I think you can still easily find it – check out Sally Beauty if you have one close by.