Happy Friday-before-the-holidays, you guys! I’m taking next week off to work on expanding my waistline a little more. Just kidding. Kinda. There will be lots of eating, I won’t lie. And general merry-making. My son is super pumped about Christmas for the first time, and it’s my daughter’s first one so … well, it’s an exciting time at our house right now. Anyway,  in light of the upcoming festivities, I decided to give this week’s shortlist a timely theme: New Year’s Eve party attire. Realistically, I will most likely be in bed by 9 pm on the big day (or 10, or 11, if the baby so decides), but that doesn’t mean I can’t day-dream about a year when that won’t be the case, and an awesome outfit to go with it.

The Dress

weekend shortlist
Leifsdottir Starlit Striped Dress

Because when are you going to wear sequins and a big, puffy skirt if not on NYE?

The Belt

weekend shortlist
Dolce & Gabbana Belt

The dress is practically crying for a belt, no? Just me? Well, belt it is.

The Shoes

weekend shortlist
J. Crew Bow Ankle Strap Pumps

Bows, because of course.

The Bag

weekend shortlist
Valentino Lacca Clutch

More bows. Also, this may be a good time to mention that this shortlist assumes money is no object. Hmm, I probably should have said that upfront.

The Earrings

weekend shortlist
J. Crew Riviera Earrings

A statement necklace would be a bit much with everything else going on, but statement earrings – yes, please!

The Coat

weekend shortlist
Kate Spade Patrice Coat

You need a coat, because it’s the middle of winter. You need this coat because it’s gorgeous. Does it work with the rest of the outfit? Who cares? Guys, it twirls!

Sigh. Some day, I will twirl again on New Year’s Eve.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!!

6 Comments on Weekend Shortlist

  1. Now I need to find a New Year’s party to go to wear all of those gorgeous items! And, well, a bunch of money to purchase them all!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your time with your lovely little family.

  2. I agree. That dress is crying for a belt and I love the belt that you are suggesting. If I had to pick just one of these items to spend my hard earned money on, it would be the clutch.
    I tend to avoid, like a plague, the purses that require me to turn sideways while walking through a doorway. I don’t really like to see them on other women either. So, in the last few years the bags I choose are getting smaller and smaller, rapidly approaching a “wear it without injuring your spine” clutch size. This Valentino gives me butterflies ;).

    • I think the price probably would give me fainting fits, but it’s a gorgeous bag 🙂 I’m starting to agree with you on the size issue too. Luckily, I have a fashion fairy godmother who brought me a lovely clutch for Christmas…