Every year, my firm throws a fancy Christmas party at the city’s ritziest hotel, and it’s always an occasion for major dressing up. Picking an outfit is serious business, y’all. I’ve worn black 3 out of 4 years that I’ve attended, but I always agonize over my outfits anyway. This year, I had it all in the bag; I found the perfect dress (yes, it was black – what?) back in the summer, and I had all my accessories ready too.

And then.

I stumbled across this Tibi dress at Winners.

Christmas party Tibi Dress

It’s a wool blend, and forty kinds of odd, but I kinda dig that about it. And it’s ivory. Did I mention that the Christmas party theme this year is Winter Wonderland?

Also, there was this to consider:

Christmas party Tibi Dress
Say whaaaaa?

Yes, a $575 dress ($630 Cdn on Shopbop) marked down to $19. Done and done! (True story: a couple of weeks later, I spotted the same dress again at Winners. This time, it was marked down to $100. Whut? Methinks I lucked into a pricing mistake.)

So my outfit plans went out of the window, and I started again. I added a belt, because the dress was a smidge large in the waist. The rest of my accessories caused me a bit more trouble; I just couldn’t decide. See, over-thinking again! In the end, this is what I picked:

Christmas party Tibi Dress
Dress, Tibi; shoes, Jimmy Choo (via eBay); brooch and clutch, vintage; belt, RW&Co
Christmas party Tibi Dress
Trying to remember my posture
Christmas party Tibi Dress
Earrings, Winners

Not gonna lie: this is a great dress for standing around in. The view when sitting down ain’t so pretty, thanks to that weird peplum/front vent combo. Luckily I had the dinner table to hide behind. I’m not sure if I will ever have an occasion or reason to wear this dress again, but it was perfect for this particular party – the right dress, and the right time, and the right cost.

Christmas party Tibi Dress
The potted plant stance
Christmas party Tibi Dress
One last look

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12 Comments on What I Wore: Christmas Party

  1. Yay! I was so hoping to get a glimpse of your holiday outfit! It is very festive and meets the theme. Love the hair especially – do you have a tutorial you can share for that?

    • No, I just kinda made it up. I braided the sides 2/3 of the way back, and pinned with bobby pins. Then I pinned up the rest sort of haphazardly. It works really well on wavy hair. If you have straight hair, I would start by braiding it or knotting it up after washing and letting it dry like that to get the wavy texture.

  2. Yeeeaaahhh, Instagram!!!

    What to say about the outfit, as always, it is stylish and you look gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!