Every year, on December 26, I trek to some place of commerce in search of promised bargains. Every year, a little later on December 26, I vow never to fall for the whole Boxing Day marketing hype. This is proof either that hope springs eternal, or that I suffer from recurring, eggnog-induced amnesia.

So, this year. Same deal. I vowed not to go anywhere near a mall, but I couldn’t just not go anywhere at all. Based on my experiences with Black Friday this year, I decided to only hit up the J. Crew Factory store. It’s a 5 minute drive from my house, and there were a few things I had been eyeing, waiting for a good sale. And if anyone is good for a decent sale, it’s J. Crew. I know. I’ve hit you over the head with my Crew love enough already. But their shopping math. It is amazing!

Take this jewel collar Oxford shell.

J Crew Boxing Day
J. Crew Factory Jewel Collar Shirt

I bought the blue version during the Black Friday sale, and love it so much that I decided I needed the white one as well. They are fantastic for layering under cardigans and sweaters, with the bonuses of a) being sleeveless (less bulk in the arms); and b) not requiring any accessorizing. Regular price on these is $90. That’s … a lot. And I say that as someone who, well, loves these shirts so much she bought two. But! I only paid $36! Shopping math, you guys – amahzing!

Of course, I also spotted a couple of other wardrobe staples on clearance so I had to buy those as well. My fave Charley sweater in camel (regularly $80, paid $16) and the Jackie cardigan in orchid pink (regularly $60, paid $14).

Boxing Day J. Crew
J. Crew Factory Charley Sweater
Bpxing Day J. Crew
J. Crew Clare Cardigan

Oh yeah, and then I saw these Anya flats.

Boxing Day J. Crew
J. Crew Anya Ballet Flats

Tried them on just on a whim. Couldn’t believe how incredibly comfortable they are. I need a new pair of shoes like a fish needs a bicycle, but I couldn’t pass these up for the comfort factor alone. I’m curious to see if they’re as amazing over the long haul. Pity they are suede, though. Again, the regular retail price is steep: $104. I paid $26, which makes these a great deal based on the quality. [The colour I bought is Chrome Green, not the pink pictured above]

Here’s 3 out of my 4 Boxing Day picks:

Boxing Day
Skirt, Lands End; sweater, blouse, shoes, J. Crew Factory

How were your Boxing Day shopping adventures?

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4 Comments on Boxing Day Shopping Math

  1. Hi. I am thinking of buying a pair of Fluevog Calamity boots off e-bay. Did you find that they fit true to size? Thanks.

    • Sorry, I don’t own any Fluevogs so I’m not able to help. I can ask my friend Cat, who is Fluevog fan (and wrote a post here before) and may know.

  2. Hi Kosu!
    I happen to own the Calamitys, and I love, love, love them. I typically wear a size 9 owing to my rather wide foot (although I’m closer to an 8 for length), and found that my size 9 Calamitys fit perfectly – eventually.
    The Calamity, for the uninitiated, is a cowboy-inspired ankle boot that comes in a variety of earthy colours. If your foot is narrow, you should have no problems and yes, I would say that they fit true to size. If your foot is wide, however, it may take a bit of work to break them in. They’re made from a tough leather that holds its structure well, and after the first few wears I just about gave up. Luckily, I was still living in Alberta at the time, and was determined that I should have a pair of cowboy boots (or cowboy-ish, at least). I persevered, and before long they had become my go-to shoe for when I needed something funky-but-comfortable that could also take a beating.
    The best part is that Fluevog service is unparalelled in the shoe world. If you find that they aren’t a perfect fit when they arrive, take them to any Fluevog store (the closest one to Edmonton would be the Calgary store) and they will happily throw them on their magical stretching machine, even if you didn’t buy them there.
    For future reference, get yourself on the Fluevog mailing list. Their sales are rare, but definitely worth waiting for and they will phone you to discuss fit before shipping if you ask them to. Good luck, and happy Fluevoging!