Since closet purges have been a regular occurrence in my sartorial life even before my most recent wardrobe overhaul, there aren’t many pieces in my closet that are older than a few years and mostly unworn. Generally, things I don’t wear, I don’t keep. Some avoid their fate as consignment or donation fodder by being gifted to my mom; and some of those clothes eventually find their way back to me when my mom decides to embark on a closet purge of her own. So it was with this skirt.

By my best estimate, this skirt is about 8 years old. I’m pretty sure I bought it some time during my first year out of law school, either at Winners or at a consignment store. It’s so not what you’d expect from a Tommy Hilfiger skirt, no? Cool print, but boy, is it a problematic skirt, to say the least. The colours, while lovely, are challenging to match, especially in this brocade-like, semi-shiny fabric. The pleated A-line silhouette has never been particularly flattering on my figure, pre- or post-baby. The skirt is supposed to sit at the natural waist, but this size is slightly too big and as a result the skirt slides down closer to my love handle area (ugh, that term!). As a result, the length was on the stumpifying side, being an inch or two past the knee; this, at least, was easily rectifiable.

That’s a heck of a lot of problems for just one skirt!

I had pretty much decided to finally get rid of it for good, when my mom persuaded me to give it one last chance. (We do this a lot, hence the back-and-forth of items between our wardrobes.) I had the hemline taken up, and had a good look through my closet for matching pieces. As you might imagine, my wardrobe as evolved greatly since the last time I wore this skirt (probably 3 or 4 years ago). Does it help?


Rather than wearing it with a black turtleneck, I now have a few other options.

Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
Blazer & sweater, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Nine West
Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
Necklace, J. Crew Factory
Tucked in might be better?
Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
… hmm, or not
I think I like this better.
Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
Cardigan & blouse, J. Crew Factory
Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
Shoes, Lauren Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger skirt Throwback Thursday
Ooh, arty pose!
It still doesn’t strike me as a very versatile piece, and I’m not sure that it fits in easily with the rest of my wardrobe. Also, I’m still not crazy about the fit.
So, friends, tell me: keep ‘er or bid adieu?

13 Comments on Throwback Thursday

  1. I do like the second outfit better, but I love how the J Crew necklace complements the skirt in the first outfit.

  2. I love the first outfit (untucked), and the second one is just fine as well. I would keep it, but i’m also a bit of a pack rat. Have you thought of pairing it with any warmer tones or a pink of some sort? I think that might be nice with the blue in it, but not sure about that ivory shade in the background.

    • Funnily enough, I tried it with a burgundy sweater instead of the black. I was … not sold on the results, hence the lack of photo. I would keep trying to make it work, but I already have so many other clothes. I think my issues with this skirt will overcome my pack rat tendencies (you know I gots them) this time…

  3. I think I’m on the side of purge – you definitely have way more awesome pieces in your wardrobe!!! Beautfiul print though!

  4. I love the first combo: blazer and the necklace compliment the skirt’s print very well.
    Having said that, I really dislike the cut … or possibly the texture … Something is making that skirt look way too stiff: /. I say – purge.

    • Like I said in my other comment … maybe it’s because the print would work better as wallpaper. It just looks off as a skirt fabric, even though it’s lovely (in my books, anyway).

  5. If you aren’t crazy about it, let it go.

    This is the hardest thing for me to do.. I LOVE pieces just like that (and have them in my wardrobe) but can’t seem to wear them or make them work.. so I just suck it up and let them go because they’re just taking space and I’ll never reach for it willingly.

    (Still, I think the last look is very flattering…. it’s much better tucked in than out.)

    • Yeah, it’s hard for me too. I adore the print of this skirt (it speaks to my inner Marie Antoinette, lol!) but it doesn’t really work with the rest of my wardrobe and the look I’m going for these days. Honestly, it would make an amazing dressing room wallpaper. That right there is probably enough reason not to keep it … as a skirt.

  6. I love the last outfit – all the blues are really pretty. That said, I’m leaning towards the purge side as well. If it only works well with blues and creams, you’d better have lots of those colours in your closet! It is a very lovely skirt though. And I like the print too. Maybe you could find something with that print in a bag or shoe? I also really like the blazer in the first photo – it’s a fantastic cut for you!

    • The blazer was a post-Boxing Day buy at J. Crew (of course!). I think it was under $50 on clearance, and it was the last one … clearly, it was meant to be πŸ™‚

  7. I love it, and I like the outfits you paired it with (although for the record, I think the “tucked in” version is more flattering). I agree that box pleats are challenging, but the nice wide waistband should help to make alterations easier – I’m assuming it has a back zipper? All you should have to do in that case is partially unpick the zipper, trim the upper inch or two of the waistband to nip it in where needed, and put the zipper back. This would, of course, be more challenging with a side zip.
    I would also pair this with a semi-sheer white blouse for spring (a slightly puffed sleeve and/or Peter Pan collar would be darling), or with the white version of the blue blouse you’re wearing in these photos. A cropped black blazer would also work to help show off your waist, and create the striking contrast that you’ve already got going with the belt and shoes. I think it’s a keeper!