What I Wore: Pediatrician Appointment

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Dress, Pilotto for Target; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; boots, Target; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I think J. Crew called this cardigan colour “jade”, though I’m not sure it’s not actually “teal”. It leans a bit more green than blue, though, so let’s go with jade. It’s a pretty colour, no? It works really well with my Pilotto for Target dress, which is great for days when I want to look a bit more dressed up yet feel like I’m wearing a big t-shirt.

I’ll let you in on a little secret … I’m hiding something in this photo. Relax, it’s not a bump (though it kinda looks like I had a big lunch that day, eh?). What I’m hiding is a, ahem, blemish. And not just any blemish, but one with its own zip zit code (as my husband lovingly informed me). That face I’m making? I’m trying to hide the monster. I could maintain my composure only so long, though, especially once my husband started making shout-outs to “Steve”.

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix

I will have my revenge!

6 Comments on Blue-Green and Floral All Over

  1. you’re adorable – I love these colors together against your hair!

    that being said, I may have to steal the phrase zit code. awful, but true sometimes :/

    (PS found you via GOMI and so glad you linked your blog!)

    • OMG!!! Please excuse me while I have a major geek out moment!

      Ok, I’m back …

      I freaking adore your blog (also found it through GOMI – holla!), though I’m mostly a lurker extraordinaire. So this is an exciting moment for me 😉

      P.S. I think you made the right choice with that DVF dress. Can’t wait to see it on the blog.

      • hahahhaha well first of all, thank you, and second, my favorite blogs to read are by fellow gomi ladies because you all know how to blog well without being…GOMI worthy, ya know? I just think there’s a lot of BS out in blogland, and so finding an authentic and stylish lady to follow along with is always exciting for me!

        I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit better so I can finally wear the dress!

        • That’s why I was so excited to find your blog (and the others I follow from GOMI). I just can’t with the perfect, model-type chicas. I don’t have their body, their budget (though I normally work full-time), or their lifestyle.

          I have a few DVF dresses I found through consignment, and I always feel particularly put-together when I wear them. I bet you will look amazing in yours! And it’s a great investment for your lifestyle too.