What I Wore: Getting My Nails Did

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Top, Old Navy; skirt, cardigan & belt, J. Crew Factory

Burgundy is a great neutral; who knew? I especially like how it looks with blue, which is my favourite colour. Predictable, I know.

Total aside: has anyone had their “colours done”? Does anyone still do that, besides one’s totally un-hip aunt? Anyway I stumbled on this website that talks about colour analysis, and for the life of me, I cannot decide what I am. Everyone says I look like this lady, who is shown as a textbook “Warm Light” (aka Spring), but I am much more drawn to the colour palette of a “Cool Clear” (aka Winter). Maybe it’s just my not-so-subliminal wish to look like Liv Tyler … Bottom line: I like blue, purple, burgundy, and pink, and not so much a fan of greens. Yep, a redhead who doesn’t like/wear green. You heard it here first.

Back to the outfit. I’m still getting my $3.99-worth out of this Old Navy top. Has this happened to anyone else: the more you second-guess your purchase, the more effort you make to wear it all the time? No? Just me?

4 Comments on Burgundy Is the New Black

  1. I have been trying for years to figure out wtf my colouring is. I know I’m at least a Deep (dark haired), but can’t decide on Autumn or Winter, particularly because Terracotta and Peach are awful colours on my skintone (Autumn) and navy or gem-stoned colours are much better on me (Winter), but I don’t look good in icy pinks or yellows.

    All I know is apparently gold is my metal, not silver, but I tend to prefer wearing silver… gold seems tacky to me for some reason.

    I’ve given up on this colouring thing. I just wear gemstone colours and avoid pastels.

  2. I have two of the same top by Old Navy! One is blue and one is pink stripes (a la Where’s Waldo says my husband). I think it’s cute, although I wish the fabric was a bit thicker. (But I guess you get what you pay for – and one was only $1.)

    So nice to have you back!

    • Pshaw! Waldo wore red stripes, not pink! I saw the pink one the other day and was super tempted. I kinda wish the stripes were a little bit thicker. But I’m a stripes addict so I can always use more stripes 🙂
      Can’t beat a $1 shirt!