What I Wore: Out and About

blue collar red lipstick; pilotto for target; old navy vest
Vest and skirt, Old Navy; top, Target; boots, Hunter

I don’t have much to say about this. A while back I decided to try a version of capsule dressing, and now I feel like I have to try to make the most out of the pieces I picked for spring. Which sometimes results in outfits that feel … a little half baked.

Can we talk about my hair for a minute? On the plus side, it’s growing. Like, bona fide, finally-getting-past-the-shoulders growing. Yay! On the down side, I think I’m liking it better straightened these days – which is ironic considering that I paid cold, hard cash to get a perm not that long ago. But! I think the underlying perm does end up giving me a volume boost so, even when straightened, my hair actually looks better than it would if it was not permed. Does that make any sense? Or does it sound like a lame attempt at justification? A little bit of A, a little bit of B.

7 Comments on Chambray + Florals

    • It’s a great top! I liked the print, but I love that it’s cotton best of all. It’s too bad a lot of the other pieces in the collab were poly …

  1. The only way I get volume in my hair is if I wash it, don’t use conditioner except on the ends and let it air dry in a twisted ballet chignon on top of my head.

    I also have super long hair now which I am sure the baby will love to grab once he gets older… I have to go in for a haircut though. Haven’t gotten it cut since 2012.. I feel like I should 😛

    • I’m growing out my hair, so I haven’t had a haircut in about a year. I think that’s fine if you don’t have a lot of damage. Knock on wood, but since I stopped colouring my hair, it’s pretty indestructible. I also only wash it once, or at most twice, a week. I know that’s gross to some, but I find it really helps.

  2. My sister actually does that with her hair. She gets it permed and then straightens it… Albeit not every day. She says the same thing (she has thicker hair than I do though) that it gives it a bit more oomph.

    Ps. I know you’re unsure, but I like florals and chambray… Maybe it’s the Influence of working at Anthro (we have had chambray in our store in multiple garments for at least 1.5 years now)

    And I hate that it makes me sound trendy (or rather that I have hopped on a band wagon) but I also like hunter boots… And wellies.

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong – I love florals and chambray (florals and anything really); I’m just not wild about this particular iteration. Which is on me, really.

      I like the look of Hunters (not sure if they’re still trendy or what) but I think the quality is not all that it used to be. Like, they’re super reliable … 75% of the time. And then once in a while, I get wet socks.

      P.S. I would be in a world of trouble if I worked at Anthro 😉