What I Wore: Errand-ing

blue collar red lipstick; talula; old navy striped henley
Blazer; Talula (via Kijiji); top, Old Navy; jeans, Cleo (via consignment)

Do you feel like you’ve seen this already? I feel like I’ve worn this already. But I checked and … not quite. I subbed in a blazer this time, and it looks a bit more pulled-together, no?

Recently I was reading this article on how to put together a French style capsule wardrobe, and thinking to myself (and commenting) that as much as I admire French chic, I love colour and prints too much to embrace that kind of minimalism. (Plus, I’m starting to think that I actually look Corpse Bride chic terrible in head-to-toe black.) But lo and behold – I managed to put together a monochromatic outfit, using a French-approved print (bonjour, stripes!). And, listen, I do love its simplicity. I really do. But if I wore something like this every. single. day. I would spend my days in a narcoleptic daze.


5 Comments on Frenchified

  1. OOoh, that’s really cute! And the blazer really does elevate the striped shirt. I love stripes, myself (and have been buying them in vast quantities recently), but I love other patterns too, so it would be hard to restrict myself just to one type of pattern or colour. That said, I did try out some monochromatic grey outfits over the winter – but with fun shoes!

    I did go through my wardrobe a month or so ago, and realized that I’m sort of self-selecting to specific colours: neutrals of grey, black, and white, and colours of mustard, burgundy, pink, red, and blue. Still lots of colour – but I sort of have a theme going on….

    • That’s very similar to the colour scheme in my closet! Having some sort cohesive theme really helps in building/editing a workable wardrobe. Personally, I like to work off of uniforms (certain combinations of pieces I’m drawn to), and add in colour/prints for variety.

      I know we talked about this briefly before, but wardrobe tracking is the best thing I’ve done recently. It’s helped me pare down (by making it easy to see what I actually wear) as well as figure out closet holes. And things I NEED to stop buying (like tops, hah!).

      • Yes – wardrobe tracking is awesome! That and figuring out what colours I primarily own have helped me figure out what to buy and what will fit. Or not buy, rather, as I just have to look at my spreadsheet and realize that I already own it!

        I read a good wardrobe formula today on another blog: 1 basic + 1 interest piece + 1 completer piece + accessories. So like a basic skirt, a fun top, and a cardigan. Then accessories. Repeat!

        I’ve noticed too my formula changes as the seasons change – I’m slowly transitioning from sweaters and blouses to tops and cardis – and I hope the weather continues to support me in this!