What I Wore: On a Warm Day

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Skirt, sweater and shirt, J. Crew Factory; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via Kijiji)

Yes, I wore green and blue together, and it was not altogether a disaster.

More importantly: I was not only photo-bombed, but out-Blue-Steeled by my kid. Who is two and a half. Please note that he has it down pat, complete with Tyra-approved smizing and crossed-over leg (a blogger staple). Le sigh.

I should probably quit while I’m ahead not so far behind.

Also, yes, I am not wearing shoes. Do not fear for my sanity; my boots are just too slushy these days to come into contact with our carpets. *Note to self: clean boots.*

2 Comments on Green+ Blue

  1. I love that I knew immediately that was a Rebecca Minkoff bag. Her way with colors is so recognizable. My friend has a very similar bag of hers in this amazing orangey red color.

    and yes, dinosaurs (my sister has a little boy and he has so much dino stuff… so adorable) do often successfully upstage 😉

    • I love her bags! I went through a phase a little while ago when I was obsessed with them. You’re right, her colours are always so gorgeous.

      I don’t mind being upstaged … I’m a little concerned, and infinitely amused, that he’s so good at it.