Month: March 2014

Buffalo Plaid

What I Wore: Thrifting

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Pants, NYDJ (via eBay); shirt, Old Navy; sweater and shoes, J. Crew Factory; necklace, Winners

I know what you’re thinking. But! This is my usual uniform … with a twist. See, I added a necklace. Ahhh! It’s like a whole new outfit. No? Oh well …

I also put on a pair of heels, which I assure you I did not wear out of the house (I think this was back in early March). They’re too cute for slush, and a surprise bargain. See, I bought them on the J. Crew Factory website, but they are in fact the regular retail version of this shoe – made in Italy. I paid something entirely reasonable, too (around $70, if I recall correctly). The reviews for these wedges (called Martina on the retail side, and Sylvia on the Factory side) are generally very positive, and so far I concur; they’ll get tested more extensively once I go back to work.

P.S. If you have a minute, check out my guest post today over at the Unique Gifter (psst, it’s all about bags in this season’s hot pastel trend).

Green+ Blue

What I Wore: On a Warm Day

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Skirt, sweater and shirt, J. Crew Factory; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via Kijiji)

Yes, I wore green and blue together, and it was not altogether a disaster.

More importantly: I was not only photo-bombed, but out-Blue-Steeled by my kid. Who is two and a half. Please note that he has it down pat, complete with Tyra-approved smizing and crossed-over leg (a blogger staple). Le sigh.

I should probably quit while I’m ahead not so far behind.

Also, yes, I am not wearing shoes. Do not fear for my sanity; my boots are just too slushy these days to come into contact with our carpets. *Note to self: clean boots.*

Plum + Khaki

What I Wore: Weekend-ing

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Pants, NYDJ (via consignment); shirt, J. Crew Factory; vest, Old Navy; scarf, Aldo Outlet; bag, MbMJ (via consignment); boots, Target

So, I have a problem: I can’t stop buying plaid shirts from J. Crew. At last count, I have either 4 or 5. This is technically a popover, but really … semantics. The thing is, shirts are so easy to throw over my nursing tanks, and they’re machine-washable. Added bonus: colourful plaids are a slam-dunk to mix and match. So, this is not a bad problem, per se, but since I don’t want to become known as the “plaid shirt lady”, I’ll have to stop this hoarding business.

Something else I have to stop? Wearing these booties with pants, apparently. That … looked a lot more flattering in my head.