So, here’s the thing: I’m starting to look as young as I feel, which is to say like a teenager. And, guys, that is not a good thing.

For the last dozen years or so, I’ve very much enjoyed my largely blemish-free skin. Foolishly, I attributed it to genes and karmic justice after a rough (in more ways than one) adolescence. I say foolishly because it had nothing to do with those things, and everything to do with the birth control pills I was taking. Which I have now stopped taking. Which means … oh hai, zits of my youth!

I cannot believe I’m writing about this!

I am writing about this, because y’all need to hear about this amazing thing I found at Walmart. Yeah, I know! Walmart. And it costs $6. Yeah, I know!

It’s Hard Candy Glamoflauge, and it’s da bomb. You take a teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny amount and slap it on whatever zits bits need hiding. (According to the packaging, that can include tattoos, so you know this is serious stuff.) You should probably use a concealer brush to do it, but if you’re a Neanderthal like me, a finger can also do the job. The regular tube comes with a cute little concealer pencil, which is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. There is also this. As the name suggests, it’s a less heavy duty version of the Glamoflauge. I use it a lot whenever my zits back off from the ledge and I can do with a lighter coverage. I find both versions wear pretty well, though I usually have to do a quick touch-up in the afternoon if I’m heading out; I touch my face a lot, which is probably the issue.

Anyway, here’s a photo of what I look like after “doing mah face” in the morning.


For the curious, I’m wearing a L’Oreal BB cream mixed with my moisturizer, the Glamoflauge, and E.L.F. tone-correcting powder. A word on the latter: it’s awesome, and it only costs about $10 (buy it on Nail Polish Canada, and the domestic shipping is free). I don’t know that it does much tone correcting, but it’s a lovely finishing powder – takes away the shinies, and sets the concealer well. I use the E.L.F. kabuki brush with it, which is also awesome-sauce (and also cheap cheap). Oh, and I’m also wearing Benefit Coralista blush because, hello, pasty.


6 Comments on Beauty Chat: The Eternal Adolescent

  1. I’ll bite. I mean for $7 how can you go wrong in trying out a new concealer that MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK?

    Nothing I’ve used has really covered of my zits.. If only they could now come up with something to cover zits that are bumpy too.

    I too, went off the Pill and my skin just erupted into a mass of angry zits. Still recovering from that, especially post-baby…and post-hormones.

    (Hey, it would have also been helpful to have to seen where your zits were so we can see how well it was covered :P)

    • No way! I like you guys, but there is a limit. And putting my unconcealed zits on the internet is that limit.
      But for what it’s worth, they were on my chin; it’s where I usually get them these days.

  2. I too had perfect skin as a teenager. Not because of the Pill, I was just born that way. I absolutely did not make the most of it though, I remember looking forlornly at the mirror and feeling frustrated I didn’t have anything to squeeze. (Yes, yes, grim. But it was so perfect.) Then it blew up when I was 19 and it’s taken me about 4 years to get it back to normalish. It’s still not as good.

    I’m so jealous you’ve found something inexpensive to sort out the occasional flare-up though. My regime costs me a bloody fortune – the only foundation in the world that doesn’t break me out is Jane Iredale, which costs about £30 in the UK.

    Anyway, your skin looks flawless here. Also, you look a bit like Christina Hendricks here. Lucky cow.

    • Bwahaha! Thanks. At 33-almost-34, and coming from someone 10 years younger, that’s a pretty nice compliment 😉

      I’ve heard that Iredale stuff is excellent, but yikes – that is a lot of money. If you have access to Hard Candy, do try it – you never know.

      P.S. If you’re ever bored on the train, feel free to have Derek Haselhurst-Horton write me letters (of complaint or otherwise). I have always wanted a pen pal. I cannot send Tesco gift cards, alas, but I do have access to Hard Candy …

  3. i know this is a slightly old post but I just wanted to comment that I absolutely LOVEEEEE your makeup, and I guess it doesn’t hurt that you are totally gorgeous. I think I will have to go try out that concealer because the one that I’m currently using, which the lady at Nordstrom told me to buy, is way too light.

    • Thank you!! I am very pale/fair, so the lightest shade of the Glamouflage works great. I’m not sure whether they have a good range of options for other skin tones, but it wouldn’t hurt to look. The formula is def really good.