What I Wore: Library Trip

J. Crew shift dress; blue collar red lipstick
Dress, J. Crew (via eBay); top, Target; belt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Ferragamo (via Etsy)

This is so easy, it almost doesn’t feel like a proper outfit. I’m almost embarrassed to throw it up on this supposed style blog. Almost. I have no shame. (As evidenced by the fact that the archives from 2012-2013 are still available for your perusal.)

So yeah, this outfit. So easy. I can basically throw pretty much any top under this dress and it works. I consider it one of my “uniforms”, and I plan on working it till this J. Crew dress falls apart. I don’t consider that clothes are really an investment, but a piece like this is as close as it gets. My only regret is that it isn’t 2-3 inches longer, so I could wear it to work without qualms. Boo.

5 Comments on Booksy

    • I love the silhouette and it works fine for right now. I think I’ll go back to hunting the same style in a longer length come fall. But it’s surprisingly hard to find (and least, for me, in a good fit).

  1. I think that’s my favorite of your dresses. If I ever lose 24 sizes, it may disappear. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :p