I’ve been hosting clothing swaps for 7 years now – hello, where did the time go? – and this year was no exception. Well, it was something of an exception, but we will get to that in a minute. Every year, I like to do a little bit of a theme, just to get my decorating mojo going. This year, I decided to do “pink”. No particular rhyme or reason, except my mom had some leftover fake rose petals from my baby shower last summer, and apparently I hate to see dollar store decorations go to waste. Go figure. Before you judge, know that I don’t Pinterest, and that I’m about as far removed from being Martha Stewart as it’s physically possible whilst still being a woman. Which is by way of saying … don’t judge, ‘mkay?

clothing swap pink decor

clothing swap pink decor

What was different about this year is that I swapped about 4 bags’ worth of clothes and shoes (ok, that’s not that unusual) but ended up taking nothing home. Actually, almost nothing. I had to keep this beaut:

clothing swap pink decor
Perfect bear costume for playing dress-up/scaring my kids

(I also got a dress for my mom, and a faux leather jacket that I subsequently re-considered.)

Why the restraint? I have been paring down my wardrobe significantly (even as I continue to replace a good chunk of it to accommodate my fast-approaching-mid-30s body) and am mostly down to pieces that are an 8 or higher on the awesome scale. At the same time, I’ve been sticking to a “one in, one out” policy pretty rigorously (with the exception of closet holes that need to be filled). End result: I have to reeeally like a new piece in order for it to make its way into my closet, because it means I have to get rid of something I already have. Nothing at the swap really sang to me, though there were definitely some lovely pieces. I had an amazing time, as always, catching up with old and new friends. And that is, as they say, priceless.

clothing swap pink decor

6 Comments on Clothing Swap: Sugar and Spice and All Things … Pink?

  1. I have wanted to host a clothing shop for years but have never done it… Up until recently all my friends were drastically different sizes and I thought that might make it odd.

    You may not be on Pinterest, but I assure it doesn’t show. It looks inspired and very pink (but not in a 5 year old girl sort of way, which is a huge positive in my mind)

    I also think being more selective about clothing makes your items less disposable… I often worry about how disposable fashion is becoming… The waste being generated, etc

    • Thank you!
      Hosting is super fun, I say go for it. Having a variety of sizes represented is good, although if no one is close to the same size then it can be more awkward. Maybe make it an accessories swap only?
      We always donate the leftovers, either to Goodwill or to a local charity that works with low-income women trying to get back into the workforce. So it’s nice to know that the clothes are doing a little bit of good.
      I’m also bothered by the fast fashion movement, but I honestly don’t know how to opt out of it entirely. I have become so conditioned to buying new clothes all the time, and the industry is entirely geared to keeping that cycle going. Have you read “Overdressed”?

  2. I love the pink theme! and totally cute decorations. Just because things are from the dollar store, doesn’t mean that they can only be used once! I try to get the most out of everything I buy decor-wise (or maybe it’s just because I’m a packrat and hate throwing things away).

    So you say “one in and one out”… if you got rid of 4 bags of stuff, then that gives you the excuse to acquire 4 new bags of clothes 😉 haha

    • Haha! I wish! But the goal was to fully de-clutter first, to get a manageable number of things in my closet. THEN do the “one in, one out”. But I like how you think 😉
      And I love dollar store decorations – I always get new ideas for party themes when I go there.